Diffuse Matter in teh Galaxy: Observations Confront Theory

A Meeting in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Carl Heiles

Scientific Presentations

Diffuse, neutral gas and dust (Chair: W. Reach)

P. Frisch - Warm partially ionized interstellar gas at the Sun
T. Troland - Properties of the CNM & WNM from Arecibo Millennium HI Survey
W. M. Goss - Time variations in small-scale galactic HI structure toward 3C138
S. Stanimirovic - Does tiny-scale atomic structure exist in the ISM?
J. Goldston -  Small scale structures in HI line wings observed at Arecibo
F. Boulanger -  Properties of interstellar dust
W. Reach -  Dust in the CNM/WNM
D. Finkbeiner - Microwave ISM emission observed with WMAP and Green Bank
E. Churchwell - Dust in the inner Galaxy: recent GLIMPSE results

HI/H2 relationship (Chair: P. Goldsmith)

S. Gibson - Cold atomic hydrogen in the Galaxy
J. Jackson - HI in the Galactic Ring Survey (GRS) - theoretical modeling
T. Bania - The distance to molecular clouds via HI self-absorption
G. Ferland - New models of H2 formation and dissociation
S. Inutsuka - Transition between HI and H2 and Generation of IS Turbulence
T. Mouschovias - Ambipolar-Diffusion & Star-Formation Timescales, and the Ages of Molecular Clouds
L. Blitz -Conversion of atomic to molecular gas in galaxies
P. Goldsmith - Cold HI within molecular clouds in Taurus
J. Ingalls - Structure of the CNM & the CO filling factor
D. Li - HI & CO observations of the Perseus region

Warm ionized material & disk/halo interaction (Chair: R. Reynolds)

R. Reynolds   Introduction to the session
R.-J. Dettmar -  Overview of properties, puzzles, and relation to star formation activity of the WIM/DIG in edge-on galaxies
J. Beckman - Review of observations of the WIM / DIG in face-on galaxies and implications for sources of the ionization
L. Haffner - Discussion of WIM characteristics and implications presented by high spectral resolution emission line studies of the Milky Way
D. Stinebring - Properties of diffuse ionized gas gleaned from pulsar pulse dispersion and scattering
K. Wood - Overview of photoionization models for the warm ionized medium: successes, failures, predictions, new directions
J. Slavin - Radiation from hot gas - warm gas interfaces and potential implications for the WIM and HVCs
D. Cox - Siphoning gas from the WIM to create the Lockman high-z cloudlets
F. J. Lockman - Review of the properties, implications, and puzzles of the Galaxy's thick neutral and ionized gaseous disk

Hot interstellar material (Chiars:  D. Cox & R. Shelton)

D. Cox -  Introduction and overview of the local hot gas
S. Snowden  - Hot gas components in the Galaxy - what we know and what we don t know
R. Shelton -  What we thought we knew about the local hot gas from OVI observations and what we now know
D. Bowen -  Distribution of OVI-rich gas in the galactic disk
J. Edelstein -  Emission from highly ionized gas seen by SPEAR
S. Bowyer -  How the local ISM has led research on clusters of galaxies into a fantasy world
Y-H. Chu -  Shells and the ISM with comments on theory
J. Slavin  - Theories of the origins and evolution of hot gas
D. Cox -  Does theory have anything useful to say about this?: the current state of the confrontation between theory and observations of hot gas

Magnetic fields (Chairs: E. Zweibel & T. Troland)

E. Zweibel & T. Troland - Questions to be addressed and magnetic field measurement techniques
J. Han -  A new model for Galactic magnetic fields
A. Deshpande - Large-scale structure Galactic magnetic field & Faraday tomography
C. Heiles - Arecibo Millennium Survey statistics of magnetic field, column density and turbulence in the CNM
R. Crutcher - Magnetic fields in molecular clouds
F. Heitsch - Numerical studies of magnetic flux transport in the interstellar medium
E. Vazquez-Semandeni - Core lifetimes and the star formation efficiency in turbulent, magnetized molecular clouds
B. Gaensler - The magnetic field of the Magellanic Clouds
R. Taylor - Observations of the galactic magnetic field from the IGPS
M. Haverkorn - A new window on magnetic fields and turbulence

SNRs, shells & supershells (Chairs: Y-H. Chu & M. Mac Low)

A. Goodman - The impact of ("less-than-super") shells on star-forming molecular clouds
C. Cappa  - HI bubbles around O and WR stars
J. Arthur -  A critical review of theoretical models of bubbles/superbubbles, theory vs. observations
V. Dwarkadas - When supernovae explode inside bubbles
C. Brogan - A radio survey of SNRs in the Galaxy
B-C. Koo -  SNR HI shells
R. Sankrit - What UV observations tell us about SNR shocks and structure
K. Tomisaka - How magnetic fields affect the SNR evolution
J. Palous - The identification and formation of large HI shells
N. McClure-Griffiths - The role of large shells in the galactic ecosystem

Global models of the ISM (Chair: E. Vazquez-Semadeni)

A. Lazarian - MHD turbulence and how to study it using observations
A. Gazol - On the compressibility of the diffuse gas
P. Hennebelle - Thermal condensation in atomic hydrogen driven by turbulence
K. Wada - Multi-phase gas dynamics in the galactic center and disks
E. Vazquez-Semandeni - ISM dynamics from global simulations
C. Heiles - View of the global ISM from theory and observations (panelist 1)
M. Mac Low - View of the global ISM from theory and observations (panelist 2)