Points of Contact

Points of contact from whom information can be obtained are listed below. All can be reached by phone or e-mail, where local e-mail addresses take the form jastrono@naic.edu. Where non-naic.edu e-mail addresses are preferred, these are given in the table below.

    Function     Name Tel Ext e-mail Org.
NAIC/Arecibo Director Francisco Cordova 212 francisco.cordova at sri.com SRI
Arecibo Deputy Director Joan Schmelz 603 jschmelz at usra.edu USRA
Arecibo Deputy/Atm. Sci. Director Christiano Brum 242 cbrum SRI
Administrative Director Jasmine Velez 215 jvrios UMET
Telescope Scheduler Hector Hernández 308 hhernand USRA
Radio Astronomy Lead Robert Minchin 283 rminchin USRA
Planetary Studies Lead Patrick Taylor 358 ptaylor USRA
Dept. Head Computing Arun Venkataraman 340 arun USRA
Dept. Head Electronics Luis Quintero 320 lquintero USRA
Telescope Ops. Head Angel Vazquez 304 angel SRI
& Spectrum Mgr.
Office Manager Carmen Rosario 267 crosario SRI

Questions on specific technical topics for astronomy and planetary studies can also be addressed to the following points of contacts, whose e-mail names (@naic.edu) and phone extensions are in parentheses after their names;

To find information concerning a particular receiver system, you may prefer to consult the ``Friend of the Receiver'', who is identified at; http://www.naic.edu/~astro/RXstatus/.
Robert Minchin 2017-10-30