Pulsar Observing

A number of pulsar back-ends are available to Arecibo users. These consist of ``facility'' instruments maintained by NAIC, namely the WAPP, the Mocks, and PUPPI. These pulsar backends accessible by general users are summarized in Table 6.

Table: Publically Available Pulsar Back-ends at AO
Machine Max BW Max Chan Min Samp Usage
  (MHz)   ($\mu$s)  
WAPP$^{a}$ 8 $\times$ 100 1024 25 Search, Timing, Poln, Single Pulse
Mocks 7 $\times$ 300 per box 8192 65 ALFA Search
  1000 per box 8192 65 Single-Pixel Search & Timing
PUPPI 800 2048 41 Single-Pixel Search
  800 2048 20.5 On-line folding
a) For the WAPP, limits on the combination of number of channels and sampling rate used is set by the output rate of the machine.

Machine Design Owner Remarks
WAPP Correlator Facility ALFA or Single-pixel
Mocks FPGA FFT Spectrometer Facility ALFA or Single-pixel
PUPPI FPGA Spectrometer Facility Single-pixel

Robert Minchin 2017-10-30