Reducing Your Data in Analyz

NOTE: Analyz routines for L-band receivers use OLD gain & noise diode values!

Analyz is a data analysis program written at Arecibo back when you reduced (and took) Arecibo data on a Harris computer. The result is that Analyz is a well tested but somewhat primitive data analysis system. So if you want a fairly simple program which can rapidly & efficiently reduce your spectral line data, then you may want to consider using Analyz. If, though, you want data reduction software that will let you display anything in 2 (or more) dimension or which will give you numerous interactive options while reducing your data, you may want to consider a different software package.

Information to help you reduce your data in Analyz:

Last updated: Friday, 15-Oct-2004 15:08:09 AST
E. Momjian