Reducing Your Data in AIPS++

Converting AO data into SDFITS:
The single-dish package at aips++ accepts data in sdfits format. To convert your data from native arecibo format into single dish fits, just follow the instruction provided at this link.

AIPS++ Versions Available at Arecibo:
At Arecibo, we have only the latest stable version.

Starting aips++ at Arecibo
To start up aips++ at Arecibo, just type aips++ in a termonal, or if you wish the naic package to be loaded for you at startup, type "aips++ -l naic.g"

At this point, you need to convert the sdfits dataset into a "measurement set". To do this, (and assuming you have loaded the naic.g package), you just type something along the lines of ao.import("sdfits file") where "sdfits file" is the name of the sdfits file which you have created (i.e. "something.sdfit"). Once you have done this, you will have a working measurement set which can be manipulated by all sorts of fun aips++ routines.

Available AIPS++ Routines:

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E. Momjian