Arecibo Call for Ionospheric Modification (HF facility) Proposals: Thursday, August 12, 2016 Deadline

Dear Collegaues
(Please distribute this call to any colleagues who might be interested)

We extend an invitation for proposals for the use of the Arecibo Observatory HF facility with a deadline of August 12, 2016 (17:00 AST, 21:00 UTC). These petitions should be for usage of the HF facility and Incoherent Scatter Radar, as well for the passive and active optical instruments. Once the request is submitted and accepted, it is valid for scheduling until August 11, 2017, after which it will need to be re-submitted to maintain validity. This call will cover at least two campaigns of 5-to-6 days around new moon periods, the number might vary depending on the number of proposals awarded.

Information about observing proposals and policies can be found at Proposals must be submitted using the web-based cover form, which can be found online at For this deadline we have enabled direct uploading of the PDF containing the main body of your proposal via the proposal website. If you do not upload your PDF, you should send it by separate email to

Technical information about our facilities and instrumentation as well as the contacts for specific support are found below. For any further information not addressed in this communication you can contact Christiano Brum (

We hope to obtain your proposals real soon and continue to do outstanding research during the upcoming year as we have done in the past.


Christiano Brum

Please email any questions about this call for proposals to Christiano Brum (

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