Radio Astronomy Backends

This page describes the backends available for passive radio astronomy observations. Back-ends for the planetary radar and for the atmospheric science instruments are not described here.

PUPPI – The Puerto Rico Ultimate Pulsar Processing Instrument, for single-pixel pulsar observations.

The Mock Spectrometers for spectral line and pulsar observing using the full 300-MHz bandwidth of ALFA and

The WAPP Correlators for pulsar and spectral line observations giving 100-MHz chunks of the full bandwidth of ALFA.

The GALFA Spectrometers – for Galactic HI observations with ALFA.

The Mark5A and Mark5C – backends for VLBI observations.

The Interim Correlator – an older single-pixel backend providing 4 boards with up-to 50-MHz bandwidth each.

Continuum Observing with the Radar Interface – it is normally recommended that for continuum observations one of the spectral-line backends is used. However, this system is used to provide a continuum total-power record for VLBI observations.