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VLBA Equipment

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General Commands

Computer Communications [Setup VLBA Hardware]
MCB Protocol [MCB Protocol]
check - modules to be checked by chekr [SNAP Commands]
echo - echo communications [SNAP Commands]
hpib - general HP interface bus communications [SNAP Commands]
mcb - MCB Communications [SNAP Commands]


Baseband Converters [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Computer Communications [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Data Quality Analyzer [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Formatter [Setup VLBA Hardware]
I.F. Distributor [Setup VLBA Hardware]
I/O Connections [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Powering Up [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Recorder [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Setting the Formatter Clock [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Track Assignments [Setup VLBA Hardware]

Baseband Converter

Base Band Converter MCB Protocol [MCB Protocol]
Baseband Converters [Setup VLBA Hardware]
bbcnn - baseband converter (VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]


Formatter MCB Protocol [MCB Protocol]
Formatter [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Setting the Formatter Clock [Setup VLBA Hardware]
form - formatter setup (VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]
trackform - sampler assignments (Mark IV, VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]
tracks - formatter track enables (Mark IV, VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]

Head Controller

hdata - head positioner A/D data readout [SNAP Commands]
hdcalc - narrow track head calibration calculation [SNAP Commands]
hecho - head control communications echo [SNAP Commands]
locate - locate head stack position [SNAP Commands]
lvdt - head stack positioning by LVDT voltage [SNAP Commands]
pass - head stack positioning by pass number [SNAP Commands]
peak - peak up tape reproduce power [SNAP Commands]
savev - save the voltage position of narrow track heads [SNAP Commands]
worm - estimate narrow-track inchworm velocities [SNAP Commands]

I.F. Distributor

I.F. Distributor [Setup VLBA Hardware]
IF Distributor MCB Protocol [MCB Protocol]
ifdab - IF distributor, channels A & B (VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]
ifdcd - IF Distributor, channels C & D (VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]


lo - LO frequencies (VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]
upconv - upconverter frequencies (VLBA rack) [SNAP Commands]

Tape Recorder

Recorder MCB Procotol [MCB Protocol]
Recorder [Setup VLBA Hardware]
Track Assignments [Setup VLBA Hardware]
bit density - recording bit density (VLBA drive) [SNAP Commands]
enable - enable record tracks (VLBA drive) [SNAP Commands]
et - end recording on tape drive [SNAP Commands]
ff - fast-forward the tape [SNAP Commands]
label - enter tape VSN and check-label (non-S2 drive) [SNAP Commands]
parity - measure and check parity errors [SNAP Commands]
rec - tape recorder control (Mark III drive) [SNAP Commands]
rec - tape recorder control (VLBA drive) [SNAP Commands]
repro - set up reproduce tracks (VLBA drive) [SNAP Commands]
rw - rewind tape [SNAP Commands]
sff - super fast-forward [SNAP Commands]
srw - super fast-rewind [SNAP Commands]
st - start tape recording [SNAP Commands]
stack - head stack positioning by microns [SNAP Commands]
systracks - system track set-up (VLBA drive) [SNAP Commands]
tape - tape recorder parameters (VLBA drive) [SNAP Commands]
tapeform - specify tape format [SNAP Commands]

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