arecibo technical and operations memo series

the atoms includes descriptions of the telescope, its components and instruments, as well as detailed measurements. the reports are indexed as shown below. as there is often overlap between categories, a memo may appear under more than one category. the memos are referenced by year-number (i.e. 99-01), the number assigned in the order the memo is received.

please note the date of the memos; information contained in the memos may have evolved over time.

atoms directory:

ALFA memos

telescope performance - pointing, gain, focus curves, polarization properties, optics ...

rfi - rfi monitoring ...

timing system - setting, maintaining ...

electronics - receivers ...


frontends - horns and receivers

backends - correlator, pulsar machines ...

drive systems - gregorian, carriage house, azimuth, rotary floor ...



all memos in number order

memos are welcomed by mike nolan, nolan @ nospam
electronic versions will be offered in .ps .pdf, or html.

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