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Arecibo Observatory 50th Anniversary Papers

The New Arecibo HF Facility Dual Array Cassegrain Antenna J. K. Breakall

Lower thermospheric wind estimates from dual-beam incoherent scatter radar measurements D. L. Hysell, M. F. Larsen, and M. P. Sulzer

Fifty Years of Radio Science at Arecibo Observatory: A Brief Overview J. D. Mathews

Early Planetary Radar Observations at Arecibo G. H. Pettengill

The Arecibo Remote Command Center F. Jenet, A.Miller, R. Price, A. Zermeno, A. Miller, T. Creighton, M. Benacquista, J. Romano, and V. Quetschke

Memories of 49 years of work at Arecibo Y. Terzian

Innovating Airglow: Facilitating the Aeronomy Ecosystem J. Noto, S. Kapali, J. Riccobono, M. Migliozzi, R. B. Kerr, R. Garcia, E. Robles, C. Brum, J. Friedman, I. Azeem, and G. Crowley

50 Years of Arecibo Lunar Radar Mapping T. W. Thompson, B. A. Campbell, and D. B. J. Bussey

The organizers thank the NSF for their kind sponsorship of the meeting

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