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X Band
Basic Information

Calibration & Beam Parameters

RFI Situation

Recent Events

Receiver History

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1. Basic Information:


Frequency Range (GHz): 7.8 - 10.2*

Name and Number:

X-Band (cb,11)
Measured Sensitivity (K/Jy): 2.3 - 5.5 (8.5 GHz)
2.3 - 5.5 (8.8 GHz)
2.3 - 5.5 (9.0 GHz)
   2.0 - 5.5 (9.2 GHz)**
Measured System Temp (K): 28 - 30 (8.5 GHz)
28 - 31 (8.8 GHz)
30 - 31 (9.0 GHz)
   30 - 32 (9.2 GHz)**
Native Polarization: Dual Circular***
Beam Size (9.0 GHz): 30 x 34 (arcsec)
Available Filters: N/A
Warnings and Important Notes: Resonances click here

*Although the bandpass of this receiver is 2 GHz, only a 1-GHz wide chunk can be brought to the Control Room for processing at any given time.
**See calibration info below for a more accurate description of the telescope parameters!
***While the native polarization of the receiver is circular, linear polarization can be produced using the 180-deg hybrid present in the IF chain. If this is required, consult your Local Friend.

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2. Calibration & Beam Parameters:

Gain and Tsys Cal Values Beam Maps Polarization Misc. Info

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3. RFI situation:

X-band suffers some Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), which is believed to be due to aircraft communications. Daily RFI monitoring plots for the past several years from the Observatory "hill-top" monitoring system can be found in binders in the telescope Control Room.

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4. Recent Events:

For the most recent history of the X-Band receiver, click here.

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5. Receiver History:

For a full history of the X-Band receiver, click here.

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6. Contact Info:

For further information on this receiver, please contact Robert Minchin at
rminchin (append

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