How to use the hybrid to get circular polarization channels from the Shigh RX

(1)   Choose the 10-GHz up-down coversion path:

                            vw% ifsetup sbh 3500

(2)   Have to include the hybrid into the IF path, and apply some phase angle between the two linears.

                            vw% set sigphdeg 90
                             vw% set if1setup "if1_hybrid true if1_phdsig $sigphdeg"
                              vw% if1 $if1setup

(3)   Optimum phase-values measured at different frequencies on 12th May 2005 are:

3.2 GHz
130 deg
3.5 GHz
110 deg
3.8 GHz
 90 deg

The above commands should be entered to the VX_works system either on the online computer or using a widget via "user preferences"
from CIMA