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Basic Information

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Calibration & Beam Parameters

RFI Situation

Available Filters

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1. Basic Information:

Frequency Range (GHz):  3.0 - 4.0
Name and Number: 
S-High (sbh, 8) 
Measured Sensitivity (K/Jy):  7-10* 
Measured System Temp (K): 31-37* 
Native Polarization: Dual Linear** 
Average Beam Width (at 3.3 GHz): ~ 85 arcsec* 

*See calibration info below for a more accurate description of the telescope parameters!

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2. Recent Events:

              This receiver was installed on 22 Mar 2002.
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3. Calibration & Beam Parameters:

Gain and System Temperature Cal Values Beam Maps
Polarization Calibration Schedule Misc. Calibration Info

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4. RFI situation:
 The hill top monitoring data in this band show strong signal at ~3040 MHz, and sporadic signals between 3200  to 3400 MHz. These are being investigated
at present.

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5. Available Filters:
At present, the S-High receiver is running without any filters, and awaits the evaluation of its RFI environment.

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6. Technical Info:
To find out the technical details about this receiver, just click on the appropriate icon in the engineering departments' receivers page (available here )

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7. Receiver History:

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8. Contact Info:
For further information on this receiver, please contact  ganesh, lwray, phil, tghosh (


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