Cross Scan Beam Maps

Cross-scan data was obtained using L-Wide on 11-12 May 2000 and L-narrow on 13 May 2000. Two continuum sources were used:

Below are plots of the scans spaced roughly 6 degrees of zenith angle apart. There are 3 rising, and 4 setting sets of scans in both Azimuth and Zenith angle scan directions for the source at +17 Dec. The source at +26 Dec was only observed setting. We also have other cross scans at some other declinations. The beam shape is strongly dependent on the position on the dish, so if you have a particular spot you need, it's best to try to find a scan near that spot. Let me know if you have a different location in mind.

The plot of beamwidth as a function of Zenith Angle is only for the above two strips, and may have systematic differences at other locations.

The data files have 3 header lines: Scan number, Scan direction (AZ or ZA) and the Zenith Angle of the scan. The first column is the distance from the center position in Arcmin. The columns have raw count values for the scans. I can send them in separate files if that is easier for you to use.



For more information or questions about this data or plots email Ellen Howell.

Last Updated 15 Jan, 2001