The system cals were measured for this receiver today due to the recent change in amplifiers and isolators in the dewar: ChA/B: 1.78K/1.84K which are close to the previous values.
The system temperatures last week (July 27) were ChA/B: 33.9K/29.4K so the receiver was warmed up and worked on in hopes that replacing the amplifiers & isolators would reduce Ch A and remove some possible impedance mis-match in Ch B.  But to no avail, when the dewar was cooled back down on August 2, the temperatures were ChA/B: 32.2K/34.3K and has increased since then to a gargantuan ChA/B: 37.3K/49.9K as of 1pm August 4.
Since this makes the receiver rather useless, it has been decided with the help of Karen O'Neil to take down the L Band Narrow again on Monday August 7, in order to put back the original amplifiers and isolators.  Monday and Tuesday are electronics maintenance days which allows us to be on the rotary floor and to move it at will.  This would not be possible if the maintenance was done over the weekend.  The receiver will be out of service until at least Tuesday around noon.  The dewar will be warmed up this weekend. All affected observers are being notified by Karen. 
Lisa Wray

Last Updated 09 Nov, 2000