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800-MHz Receiver
Basic Information

Calibration & Beam Parameters

RFI Situation

Recent Events

Receiver History

Technical Description

Contact Info




1. Basic Information:


Frequency Range (MHz): 705 - 800
Measured Sensitivity (K/Jy): ~9 (*)
Measured System Temp (K): ~120 (*)
Native Polarization: Dual Linear
Beam Size (at 3.3 GHz): ~6.3 arcmin (*)
Warnings and Important Notes: None

* See calibration info below for a more accurate description of the telescope parameters

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2. Calibration & Beam Parameters:

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3. RFI situation:

See the RFI page.

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4. Recent Events:

Recent events can be found in the electronics receiver log.

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5. Receiver History:

See the receiver history page.

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6. Technical Info:

Technical details are only avaiable on our internal pages (click on the appropriate links on top of the RX table. If you arelooking for any specific information/diagram etc, please see below.

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7. Contact Info:

For further information on this receiver, please contact R. Minchin at
rminchin (append

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