Data and Analysis

Data Reduction

* IDL is the recommended data-reduction package for Arecibo spectral-line data.

Data Formats

The different back-ends produce different data format. Information on the header information can be found in the following places:

* Mock spectrometer standard FITS format headers
* Mock spectrometer PSRFITS format headers
WAPP CIMAFITS format headers
* Interim Correlator IDL headers

Where's My Data?

Note that these directories contain a very large number of files, you are strongly recommended to use ‘ls *⟨projid⟩*’ to find your files.

* Mock spectrometer data should be in /share/pdataN/pdev/ (where N = 1 - 14)
* WAPP spectral line data should be in /share/wappdata/
* Interim Correlator data should be in /share/olcor/ or /proj/⟨projid⟩

Data Search

* Get list of scheduled AO projects
* Search observing schedules by project ID or author
* Search observing schedules by project ID, date, or time (AST or LST)
* Search observing schedules by project ID and date range
* Search previous spectral line observations
* Search WAPP data

Converting Interim Correlator Data

* To 'standard' FITS format
* To SDFITS or CLASS data formats


* How to fix WAPP FITS files taken with doppler tracking in order to read them with standard FITS readers

Legacy Data Reduction Packages

These packages are not actively supported and may no longer work.

* Analyz: Native Arecibo format for older data..
* AIPS++: Interim Correlator data converted into SDFITS can be reduced with the AIPS++ package.