AOFTM Help Page

Welcome to the help page of the Arecibo Observatory Fourier Transform Machine (AOFTM) and its user interfaces, the OpenLook compliant <aoftm> data acquistion program, the quicklook data processing program <postproc> and publicly-available code that allows disk and magnetic tape data to be unpacked and piped to user programs.

If you are new to the AOFTM, the links on this page should quickly and painlessly get you started acquiring pulsar search data with the uniquely sensitive combination of the Arecibo telescope and the 1024 channel, 102.4 microsecond sample-interval AOFTM. Other links document the history and development of the AOFTM, and describe the data format and available data unpacking software.

If you have any comments or suggestions about these help pages, please contact Zaven Arzoumanian: or Maura McLaughlin:

See Shami, the AOFTM mascott, and Nightman , the official protector of the AOFTM.

Last modified: 25 July 1997