KP4AO - KP4 ?..WP4?.


Puerto Rico Callsign Assignments

If you've been wondering why we have all these prefixes here on such a small island, join the rest of us!
We'll try to explain this to the best of our knowledge. As of this date * this is what we could compile.

The first callsign prefix assigned to Puerto Rico was KP4 back in 1948. See the PRARL Clubs page for a brief but very nice history on the origin of amateur radio clubs in Puerto Rico. We will try to explain the current situation.

When applying for a new license the novice class was assigned the WP4 2x3 call. When upgrading to Technician, or Tech Plus, the licensee was issued the KP4 prefix, if he or she would want the sequential change. This also held true for Generals (mind you that the suffix would stay the same). When upgrading to Advanced or Amateur Extra the licensee could opt for a KP4 2x2 or a KP4 2x1 call respectively.

This was true until the early eighties. Then NP4 2x2 was introduced as a Tech, Tech Plus and General class call. At this time no other KP4 2x3 calls were issued by the FCC. The last group of KP4 2x3 being KP4FO?. This is still true until today. The Novice call is WP4 2x3, upon extinguishing the NP4 2x2, WP4 2x2 was assigned for the T, P and G group. then NP3 in 1996 along with KP3 2x2 as an Advanced call. There now is also WP3 2x1 as an Amateur Extra class call along with KP4, NP4, WP4, KP3 and NP3.

This should be all clear to you now, right! If you do understand this or care to, e-mail us and we'll send you a certificate!


WP4 2x3 WP4 2x3 WP4 2x3 WP4 2x3 WP4 2x3 WP4 2x3
KP4 2x3 - KP4 2x3 KP4 2x3 KP4 2x3 KP4 2x3
- NP3 2x2 NP3 2x2 NP3 2x2 NP3 2x2 NP3 2x2
- NP4 2x2 NP4 2x2 NP4 2x2 NP4 2x2 NP4 2x2
- WP4 2x2 WP4 2x2 WP4 2x2 WP4 2x2 WP4 2x2
- - - - KP4 2x2 KP4 2x2
- - - - KP3 2x2 KP3 2x2
- - - - - KP4 2x1
- - - - - WP4 2x1
- - - - - NP4 2x1
- - - - - KP3 2x1
- - - - - NP3 2x1
- - - - - WP3 2x1
*Note: A few clubs have been issued WP3 2x2, via the vanity system.

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* Last updated Monday, September 29, 1997