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1998 Dayton Hamvention Photos

1998 Dayton Hamvention Photos

WP3R in the COLLINS Van

Marios 5B4WN, Stavros 5B4AFM, Angel WP3R, Dimitri UT5UGR, Frank DL2CC hanging out at the Contest Hospitality Suite Crowne Plaza.

W8CRK NW3Z KB3AFT WA3HAE WA3FET Discussing dinner stradegies in the parking lot.

Conrad KP4EIX, Roger W8CRK, Jim KB3AFT, Angel WP3R, Jim WA3FET, John WD8NMV, Nathan NW3Z, Keith WA3HAE having a great dinner at Anticolli's Italian Rest.

One view of the Flea Market! A view of one of the MANY rows of tables/tents in the parking lot of HARA ARENA, Dayton, OH.

Bob W3GH, Spike W9XR, Jim WA3FET and Jim KB3AFT obscured by the "Green Hornet". I think WA3FET was saying, "Gee, I know I was invited!"

WP3R W5YI WP3R, a W5YI examiner in Puerto Rico with the man himself, Fred W5YI.

WP3R and WB6NOA Angel and Gordon West. Thanx to "Gordo's" morse code audio tapes, alot of us have upgraded!

Jim WA3FET, Scott N3RA, Tom K8CX, Angel WP3R
K8CX is usually taking all the photos, but this time we got him...

Conrad KP4EIX My good friend Condrad (with a scorching sunburn from walking thru the Flea Market) sitting in his beautiful shack back in Cincinnati. What a gorgeous home and family! Thanx amigo.....

The New Yorkers! (from right) Tom Sr. KF6QY, Tom Jr. NY2S, Joe WA2YEP, Frank KB2EZV with a great bunch of guys from my old stomping grounds, also having dinner at Anticolli's.

WA3HAE WA3FET KB3AFT NW3Z NW3Z holding the Pennsylvania QSO party trophy that WA3HAE ( FRC) brought down to Dayton. Congrats dudes!

W4DN (ex KP4AM) KP4AZ HH2PKB HH2PK David, Tony, Bert and Pat at the Contesters Hospitality Suite. Viva el Caribe!

WP3R KB3AFT NW3Z WA3FET The WP3R CONTEST TEAM at one of the contest forums.

All photos in this sequence are courtesy of WP3R.


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