Arecibo Observatory, a facility of the National Astronomy and
 Ionosphere Center.  Operated by Cornell University under a
 cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation
Arecibo L-band Feed Array
Arecibo L-Band Feed Array
The National Science Foundation of the United States of America Cornell University

AGES- Arecibo Galactic Environment Study; Software at AO

AGES Sofware at Arecibo

Some software tools have been created to assist in the planning and monitoring of Observations as they progress at AO. These have been particuarly useful during the commissioning of the project, although they will likely become less important as the degree of automation improves.

These are all written in the AO-intensive language IDL

Alfa_ang - Proceedure for calculating the optimum rotaion angle for ALFA (Author - Robert Minchin)

beamtrack_plot & beampos_plot - Proceedures for visualising the accuracy of AZ-EL repetitions and leapfrog positions. (Author - Erik Muller)

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