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AGES A2048 Observations & Results

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Date Observer(s) Log file Output Files and Comments Comments
29/04/2006 RM wapp.20060429.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060429.a2048.0002 Scan: Empty, 
wapp.20060429.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_061, 
wapp.20060429.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_063, First 51s not on source.
wapp.20060429.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p1_065, On source just in time.
wapp.20060429.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_067, On source with almost a minute to spare.
wapp.20060429.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_069, On source with a minute and a half to spare.
wapp.20060429.a2048.0008 Scan: Empty, 
wapp.20060429.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
RFI: FAA radar at 1350 MHz, another line (probably radar but unidentified) at 1387.8 MHz, period ~6s.100.
Will try and track down the timing problems - why aren't these things symmetrical? I suspect it is due to the already-noted differences between the calculations of AZZAtoRADEC and the real telescope.
01/05/2006 RM wapp.20060501.a2048. Scan: , 
Observer's Log Supplemental: I think the problem with calculating start-times has been fixed by taking calls to the pointing model out of the ALFA_ANG routines. This should now return sky AZ and ZA rather than encoder AZ and ZA, which is hopefully what we want. The difference is less than half a degree, but at the AZ angles we were pointing at near the start and end of Saturday's run this made a big difference in time.
01/05/2006 RM, JLR wapp.20060501.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20060501.a2048.0002 Scan: Blank, 
wapp.20060501.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_071, 
wapp.20060501.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_073, 
wapp.20060501.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p1_075, 
wapp.20060501.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_077, 
wapp.20060501.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_079, 
All okay - new improved timetabling appears to be accurate to almost a second!
Problems with 'dataview' meant that the QuickLook data display could not be run and TOGS took quite a while to start (fortunately we had some spare time at the start).
02/05/2006 EM, RM, JR wapp.20060502.a2048.0001 Scan: AGES1367_p1_089, 
WAPPs failed. It looks like a serious problem. Unable to make the WAPPs work. M. Lerner tried to fix it, but the WAPPs continued to fail. The error was
ERROR timed out while waiting for CALCONTROL command!
ERROR Failed configuring the WAPPs
Problem has been fixed at ~21:50 AST, doing one scan.
03/05/2006 EM, RM, BC, JR wapp.20060503.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20060503.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_091, 
wapp.20060503.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_093, 
wapp.20060503.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p1_062, GPS at 1380 MHz
wapp.20060503.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_095, 
wapp.20060503.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_097, 
wapp.20060503.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
This was a remote observing from building two. Everything worked just fine!
FITS 0002, 0008 are empty
04/05/2006 EM, JR, BC wapp.20060504.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20060504.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_099, 
wapp.20060504.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_101, 
wapp.20060504.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p1_064, 
wapp.20060504.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_066, 
wapp.20060504.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_068, 
wapp.20060504.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
FITS 0002 and 0008 empty
Everything fine.
05/05/2006 EM wapp.20060505.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20060505.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_070, 
wapp.20060505.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_072, 
wapp.20060505.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p1_074, 
wapp.20060505.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_076, 
wapp.20060505.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_078, 
FITS files 0000, 0002, 0008 are empty.
Smooth run!
06/05/2006 RM wapp.20060506.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060506.a2048.0002 Scan: AGES1367_p1_080, Wrong setup - don't use
wapp.20060506.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_082, Okay now.
wapp.20060506.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p1_084, 
wapp.20060506.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_086, 
wapp.20060506.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_088, 
FAA Radar at 1350. RFI at 1387.8 (now identified as 3rd harmonic of FAA radar, aliased back into the band) also present.
07/05/2006 BC wapp.20060507.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20060507.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_090, rfi @1381 MHz
wapp.20060507.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_092, 
wapp.20060507.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p2_061, rfi @1381 MHz
wapp.20060507.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_094, rfi @1381 MHz
wapp.20060507.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_096, 
wapp.20060507.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
FITS 0002 and 0008 empty.
Smooth run.
08/05/2006 LC RM wapp.20060508.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060508.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_098, 
wapp.20060508.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_100, 
wapp.20060508.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p2_063, 
wapp.20060508.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p2_065, 
wapp.20060508.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p2_067, 
wapp.20060508.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
FAA Radar at 1350.
09/05/2006 LC RM wapp.20060509.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060509.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES1367_p1_080, 
wapp.20060509.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p1_081, 
wapp.20060509.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p1_083, 
wapp.20060509.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p1_085, 
wapp.20060509.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p1_087, 
FAA Radar at 1350 and RFI (3rd harmonic) at 1387.8.
10/05/2006 LC wapp.20060510.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060510.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p2_069, 
wapp.20060510.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p2_071, 
wapp.20060510.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p2_073, 
wapp.20060510.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p2_075, 
wapp.20060510.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p2_077, 
FAA Radar at 1350 and RFI at 1387.8
11/05/2006 LC wapp.20060511.a2048.0001 Scan: A1367_p2_079, 
wapp.20060511.a2048.0002 Scan: A1367_p2_081, 
wapp.20060511.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p2_083, 
wapp.20060511.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p2_085, 
wapp.20060511.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p2_087, 
wapp.20060511.a2048.0007 Scan: TOGS Calibrations, 
TO had problems starting TOGS, but resolved after start of AGES observing.
RFI at 1350 and 1387.8
12/05/2006 LC wapp.20060512.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060512.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p2_089, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060512.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p2_091, 
wapp.20060512.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p2_066, 
wapp.20060512.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p2_093, 
wapp.20060512.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p2_095, Weak RFI at 1352.2 MHz
wapp.20060512.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
Smooth run, but with the new schedule we waste the first 20 minutes waiting for the source!
Unusually weak RFI at 1350 MHz
13/05/2006 LC wapp.20060513.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060513.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p2_097, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060513.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p2_099, 
wapp.20060513.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p2_066, 
wapp.20060513.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p2_101, 
wapp.20060513.a2048.0008 Scan: A1367_p2_062, 
Error in the script file: six scans instead of five!(p2_066 was observed yesterday but it is also in today's script).
Unfortunately I realized it only during the third scan (where was the problem). So A1367_p2_066 has been reobserved and I had to skip A1367_p2_068.
N.B.: The skip command in CIMA does not skip!
File 0006 corrupted do not use.
RFI at 1350 MHz
14/05/2006 LC wapp.20060514.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060514.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p2_064, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060514.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p2_070, 
wapp.20060514.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p2_072, 
wapp.20060514.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p2_074, 
wapp.20060514.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p2_076, 
Smooth run.
RFI at 1350 MHz
15/05/2006 LC wapp.20060515.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060515.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p2_078, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060515.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p2_080, 
wapp.20060515.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p2_082, 
wapp.20060515.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p2_084, 
wapp.20060515.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p2_086, 
wapp.20060515.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
Everything OK!
RFI at 1350 & 1387.8 MHz.
17/05/2006 koneil/RM/LC wapp.20060517.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20060517.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES1367_p2_088, 
wapp.20060517.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES1367_p2_090, 
wapp.20060517.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES1367_p2_068, 
wapp.20060517.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES1367_p2_092, 
wapp.20060517.a2048.0008 Scan: AGES1367_p2_094, 
Files 2 and 3 are empty
RFI at 1350 as usual
Remote observing pronounced a success!
18/05/2006 LC wapp.20060518.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060518.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p2_096, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060518.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p2_098, 
wapp.20060518.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p3_065, RFI at 1387.8 MHz
wapp.20060518.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p2_100, RFI at 1387.8 MHz
wapp.20060518.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p3_061, RFI at 1387.8 MHz
RFI at 1350 MHz
19/05/2006 LC wapp.20060519.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060519.a2048.0003 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060519.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p3_063, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060519.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p3_069, 
wapp.20060519.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p3_071, 
wapp.20060519.a2048.0008 Scan: A1367_p3_073, 
wapp.20060519.a2048.0009 Scan: A1367_p3_075, 
wapp.20060519.a2048.0011 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
RFI at 1350 & 1387.8 MHz.
At the beginning of the run I have done 2 TOGS calibrations since we have 25 minutes (!) to waste before A1367. This schedule is crazy! I hope these additional data will be usefull for TOGS people! Anyway I had no alternatives and it's insane to waste 25 minutes without doing anything. I wonder if there is a solution (it must be!) to solve this problem. We have to plan "backup" observations (or something else) for these cases. On average we waste ~10-15 minutes each day!!!
Even doing TOGS twice I'm wasting 18 minutes...I should lock me up in a mental hospital!! For the next session it's absolutely mandatory to find a solution to fill all the schedule! Otherwise it is better to leave the waste time to the programme scheduled before AGES! By the way, smooth run!
20/05/2006 LC wapp.20060520.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060520.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p3_077, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060520.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p3_079, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060520.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p3_081, 
wapp.20060520.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p3_083, 
wapp.20060520.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES_p3_085, 
RFI at 1350 & 1387 MHz
. Italian Pasta (oil, garlic & pepper) in the VSQ at the beginning of the run. Thanks a lot to Barbara & Hien for washing the dishes while I'm observing!
Smooth run.
21/05/2006 LC wapp.20060521.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20060521.a2048.0003 Scan: A1367_p3_087, RFI at 1381 MHz
wapp.20060521.a2048.0004 Scan: A1367_p3_089, 
wapp.20060521.a2048.0005 Scan: A1367_p3_067, 
wapp.20060521.a2048.0006 Scan: A1367_p3_091, 
wapp.20060521.a2048.0007 Scan: A1367_p3_093, corrupted WAPP GET confused at 21:00:43
wapp.20060521.a2048.0008  Scan: A1367_p3_093, Restarted the same scan at 21:04:43 (warn! check that everything is ok. from quick look some beams have no data!
RFI at 1350 and 1387.8 MHz.
Problems with WAPPs at the half of the last scan! Now I know what does it mean "WAPP get confused". End of the AGES May run.
Hasta Luego Arecibo!