Arecibo L-band Feed ArrayArecibo Galaxy Environment Survey (AGES)

AGES A2048 Observations & Results

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Date Observer(s) Log file Output Files and Comments Comments
16/01/2006 RFM wapp..a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, Off we go...
wapp..a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_001, 
wapp..a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_003, Cal while off source
wapp..a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_005, 
wapp..a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_007, First 4 seconds off source
wapp..a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_009, 
wapp..a2048.0009 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_011, Cal while off source
wapp..a2048.0011 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
Beam 1B still down.
RFI at 1350! (whoda thunk it?)
Transitions need about 30s more.
17/01/2007 RFM wapp.20070117.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20070117.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_013, 
wapp.20070117.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_015, 
wapp.20070117.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_017, 
wapp.20070117.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_019, 
wapp.20070117.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_021, 
wapp.20070117.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_023, 
wapp.20070117.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
RFI in the normal places. A trouble-free run.
18/01/2007 RFM wapp.20070118.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20070118.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_025, 
wapp.20070118.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_027, 
wapp.20070118.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_029, 
wapp.20070118.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_031, 
wapp.20070118.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_033, 
wapp.20070118.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_035, 
wapp.20070118.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
Extra observing session tonight.
Channel 1B appears to be working tonight.
19/01/2007 RFM wapp.20070119.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070119.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_037, 
wapp.20070119.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_039, 
wapp.20070119.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_041, 
wapp.20070119.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_002, 
wapp.20070119.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_004, 
wapp.20070119.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_006, 
Beam 1b is now down again.
20/01/2007 RM RT wapp.20070120.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070120.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_008, 
wapp.20070120.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_010, 
wapp.20070120.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_012, 
wapp.20070120.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_014, 
wapp.20070120.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_016, 
wapp.20070120.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_018, 
wapp.20070120.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
FAA radar @ 1350 MHz
23/01/2007 RM RT wapp.20070123.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070123.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_020, 
wapp.20070123.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_022, 
wapp.20070123.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_024, 
wapp.20070123.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_026, 
wapp.20070123.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_028, 
wapp.20070123.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_030, 
wapp.20070123.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350 and 1395 MHz
24/01/2007 RM RT wapp.20070124.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070124.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_032, 
wapp.20070124.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_034, 
wapp.20070124.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_036, 
wapp.20070124.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_038, 
wapp.20070124.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p1_040, 
wapp.20070124.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_001, 
wapp.20070124.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350, 1394 MHz
25/01/2007 EM, RT wapp.20070125.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070125.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_003, 
wapp.20070125.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_005, 
wapp.20070125.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_007, 
wapp.20070125.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_009, 
wapp.20070125.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_011, 
wapp.20070125.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_013, 
wapp.20070125.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350, 1387, 1394 ALFA beam 1B disabled
27/01/2007 RT wapp.20070127.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070127.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_015, 
wapp.20070127.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_017, 
wapp.20070127.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_019, Brief, very strong RFI at 1380 MHz
wapp.20070127.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_021, 
wapp.20070127.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_023, 
wapp.20070127.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_025, 
wapp.20070127.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350, 1380, 1387MHz.
28/01/2007 RT wapp.20070128.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070128.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_027, WAPP3 errors, restarted scan
wapp.20070128.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_029, Whoops, wrong scan...
wapp.20070128.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_027, Off-source for first 1min 34s
wapp.20070128.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_029, Off-source for first 1min 36s
wapp.20070128.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_031, Off-source for first 56s
wapp.20070128.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_033, Off-source for first 1min 22s
wapp.20070128.a2048.0009 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_035, Off-source for first 53 seconds
wapp.20070128.a2048.0010 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_037, 
wapp.20070128.a2048.0012 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350, 1387MHz Beam 1B seems to be working Had WAPP3 problems (WAPP(3) Error counts don't match for chip...), restarted from same scan, lost time on soucre for each scan except the last
29/01/2007 RT wapp.20070129.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070129.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_039, Began 3min 55s late, aborted at 3:55AST to make next scan on time
wapp.20070129.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_041, 
wapp.20070129.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_002, 
wapp.20070129.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_004, 
wapp.20070129.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_006, 
wapp.20070129.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_008, 
wapp.20070129.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
TOGS not started until 3:30, overran first scan Beam 1B is back down again. RFI at 1350, 1387
30/01/2007 RT wapp.20070130.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20070130.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_039, 
wapp.20070130.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_010, 
wapp.20070130.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_012, 
wapp.20070130.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_014, 
wapp.20070130.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_016, 
wapp.20070130.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_018, 
wapp.20070130.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
RFI at 1350, 1380, 1387 MHz.
31/01/2007 RT wapp.20070131.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_020, 
wapp.20070131.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_022, 
wapp.20070131.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_024, 
wapp.20070131.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_026, 
wapp.20070131.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_028, 
wapp.20070131.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_030, 
wapp.20070131.a2048.0008 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
Quicklook not available to monitor RFI etc.
01/02/2008 RT wapp.20080201.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20080201.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_032, 
wapp.20080201.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_034, 
wapp.20080201.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_036, 
wapp.20080201.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_038, WAPP error counts don't match chip - aborted 5min early
wapp.20080201.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_040, 
wapp.20080201.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_001, 
wapp.20080201.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
Quicklook not available again, for some reason. Beam 1B working again ?
02/02/2007 EM wapp.20070202.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_038, 
wapp.20070202.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_003, 
wapp.20070202.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_005, 
wapp.20070202.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_007, 
wapp.20070202.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_009, 
wapp.20070202.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_011, 
wapp.20070202.a2048.0008 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
beam 1/b is down.
03/02/2007 EM wapp.20070203.a2048.0001 Scan: Togs calibration, TO reported that galspec is not executing properly. Use this file with caution. Restarting GPIB.
wapp.20070203.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_013, 10 minute scan!
wapp.20070203.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_015, 
wapp.20070203.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_017, 
wapp.20070203.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_019, 
wapp.20070203.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_021, 
wapp.20070203.a2048.0009 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_023, 
wapp.20070203.a2048.0011 Scan: Togs calibration, 
beam 1 pol b is down.
Scans were for 10 minutes in the file. After the end of the 1st one (fits 0003), the script was corrected, and the rest of the scans were made to 20 minutes.
Just before the start of the 2nd scan (fits 0005), the TO informed that he had re-started galscpec.
05/02/2007 RT wapp.20070205.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_013, Aborted, forgot to restart WAPPS
wapp.20070205.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_013, Aborted, ALFA not turned on
wapp.20070205.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_025, 
wapp.20070205.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_027, 
wapp.20070205.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_029, 
wapp.20070205.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_031, 
wapp.20070205.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_033, 
wapp.20070205.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350, 1387 MHz.
06/02/2007 RT wapp.20070206.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070206.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_013, 
wapp.20070206.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_035, 
wapp.20070206.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_037, 
wapp.20070206.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_039, 
wapp.20070206.a2048.0007 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_041, 
wapp.20070206.a2048.0008 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_002, 
wapp.20070206.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350 (appears much weaker than usual), 1380 MHz.
07/02/2007 RT wapp.20070207.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_006,  Aborted - software problems, ALFA not turned on
wapp.20070207.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_008, 
wapp.20070207.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_010, 
wapp.20070207.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_012, 
wapp.20070207.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_014, 
wapp.20070207.a2048.0007 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
Software problems with WAPPS at start - missed p3_004. TO informed that new software uninstalled and old reinstalled. AFLA not turned on, could not slew to p3_006 in time, went straight to p3_008. RFI at 1350MHz.
08/02/2007 RT wapp.20070208.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_004, Aborted, ALFA not turned on
wapp.20070208.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_006, 
wapp.20070208.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_016, 
wapp.20070208.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_018, 
wapp.20070208.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_020, 
wapp.20070208.a2048.0006 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_022, 
wapp.20070208.a2048.0008 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350 MHz.
09/02/2007 RT wapp.20070209.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_024, 
wapp.20070209.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_026, 
wapp.20070209.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_028, 
wapp.20070209.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_030, 
wapp.20070209.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_032, 
wapp.20070209.a2048.0007 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
Missed p3_004 waiting for galspect to start (oops...)
10/02/2007 RT wapp.20070210.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_034, 
wapp.20070210.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_036, 
wapp.20070210.a2048.0003 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_038, 
wapp.20070210.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_040, 
wapp.20070210.a2048.0005 Scan: AGESVC2_p3_004, 
wapp.20070210.a2048.0007 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI at 1350,1387 MHz.
11/02/2007 RM RT wapp.20070211.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_027, 
wapp.20070211.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_029, 
wapp.20070211.a2048.0004 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
16/02/2007 RM RT wapp.20070216.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_031, Aborted, dome got stuck.
wapp.20070216.a2048.0003 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20070216.a2048.0004 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_033, 
Missed the first scan as the dome got stuck. Re-wrote the script for the next source at hour angle +55.
17/02/2007 RM RT wapp.20070217.a2048.0001 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_031, 
wapp.20070217.a2048.0002 Scan: AGESVC2_p2_035, 
wapp.20070217.a2048.0004 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
And that's that.