Arecibo L-band Feed ArrayArecibo Galaxy Environment Survey (AGES)

AGES A2048 Observations & Results

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Date Observer(s) Log file Output Files and Comments Comments
21/12/2005 RM, EM wapp.20051221.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0002 Scan: GAL1156_p1_001, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p1_003, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_005, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_007, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_009, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_011, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_013, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_015, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_017, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p1_019, 
wapp.20051221.a2048.0013 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
RFI: 1350 MHz radar. FITS files with numbers 0000 and 0012 are empty.
22/12/2005 RM, EM wapp.20051222.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0002 Scan: GAL1156_p1_021, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p1_023, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_025, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_027, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_029, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_031, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_033, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_035, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_037, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p1_039, 
wapp.20051222.a2048.0013 Scan: TOGS Calibration, WAPPS got confused - galcurpos script crashed
wapp.20051222.a2048.0014 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
RFI at 1350 MHz. FITS files 0000 and 0012 are empty. 0013 (TOGS cal) corrupted by WAPP confusion.
23/12/2005 EM, RM wapp.20051223.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p1_041, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_043, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_045, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_047, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_049, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_051, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_053, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_055, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p1_057, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p1_059, 
wapp.20051223.a2048.0014 Scan: TOGS Calibration, WAPPs confused
wapp.20051223.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS Calibration, WAPPs confused
wapp.20051223.a2048.0016 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
0000 and 0013 empty, 0001 & 0002 attempted TOGS calibration - corrupted. 0014 & 0015 corrupted by WAPP confusion. RFI at 1350 MHz.
25/12/2005 RM wapp.20051225.a2048.0001 Scan: GAL1156_p1_061, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0002 Scan: GAL1156_p1_063, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p1_065, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_067, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_069, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_071, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_073, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_075, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_077, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_079, 
wapp.20051225.a2048.0011 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
Interference at 1350 MHz (Radar). File 0000 is blank
26/12/2005 RM wapp.20051226.a2048.0001 Scan: GAL1156_p1_081, 20 seconds to spare!
wapp.20051226.a2048.0002 Scan: GAL1156_p1_002, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p1_004, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_006, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_008, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_010, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_012, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_014, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_016, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_018, 
wapp.20051226.a2048.0012 Scan: TOGS Calibration, WAPPs confused - corrupted
wapp.20051226.a2048.0013 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
RFI at 1350 MHz (radar). WAPPS were re-started before TOGS calibration but still got confused. Files 0000 and 0011 blank. File 0011 corrupted (WAPP confusion).
03/01/2006 RA RM SS EM wapp.20060103.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p1_020, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_022, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_024, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_026, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_028, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_030, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_032, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_034, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p1_038, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p1_040, 
wapp.20060103.a2048.0013 Scan: TOGS Calibration, 
0000,0002 empty files.
The FAA radar at 1351 MHz is of the order of 10 times as strong as during the precursor observations. RFI at 1387.8 MHz.
04/01/2006 RA EM RM SS wapp.20060104.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p1_040, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_042, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_044, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_046, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_048, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_050, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_052, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_054, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p1_056, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p1_058, 
wapp.20060104.a2048.0013 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, 0002 files empty
Strong 1350 MHz radar, and a weak 1387.8 MHz radar (with a period of ~6 sec).
05/01/2006 RA RM SS MS wapp.20060105.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060105.a2048.0003 Scan: Radar test, Radar blanking test
wapp.20060105.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p1_060, Corrupt. WAPPS failed at 19:27:57 AST
wapp.20060105.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p1_060, Aborted at 8 minutes by Cap'n Minchin to make the next scan.
wapp.20060105.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_062, Corrupt. WAPPs failed at 19:39:33. FITS file also contains good data. Aborted after 9 mins.
wapp.20060105.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_064, 
wapp.20060105.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p1_066, 
wapp.20060105.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p1_068, 
wapp.20060105.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p1_070, 
wapp.20060105.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p1_072, 
wapp.20060105.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p1_074, 
wapp.20060105.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p1_076, RFI 1340.0 MHz
wapp.20060105.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p1_078, RFI 1381.0 MHz
wapp.20060105.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, 0002 empty
Radar blanking attempting using 300 ns setting. It had no effect on the 1351 MHz FAA signal. And testing the blanking caused the WAPPs to crash at the beginning of the 1st scan. 2 mins were lost restarting the WAPPs and so 2 mins were cut from the end of the first scan. WAPPs failed again at the beginning of the next scan.
RFI at 1351, 1340, 1387.9
06/01/2006 RA RM SS MS wapp.20060106.a2048.0002 Scan: GAL1156_p1_080, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p2_001, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p2_003, interference 1393.3 noticed
wapp.20060106.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p2_005, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p2_007, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_009, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_011, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_013, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_015, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_017, 
wapp.20060106.a2048.0012 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, 0001 empty
RFI: 1350, 1387.9, 1393.3, 1355.5, 1332.3 MHz
TO had problems starting TOGS, but resolved at about start of AGES observing.
07/01/2006 RA SS MS wapp.20060107.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p2_019, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p2_021, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p2_023, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_025, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_027, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_029, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_031, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_033, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p2_035, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p2_037, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060107.a2048.0016 Scan: , 
0000, 0014, 0016 empty
0001, 0002, 0003, On-Off follow up attempted of Ages-01 using the central beam of ALFA. TOGS calibration done at the end of observing schedule.
RFI present at 1350, 1387.9, 1332.2 MHz
08/01/2006 RA JD SS MS wapp.20060108.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p2_039, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p2_041, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p2_043, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p2_045, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_047, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_049, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_051, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_053, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_055, 
wapp.20060108.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p2_057, 
0000, 0002, 0013 empty
Dr. Davies has joined us overcoming terrible hardship. Since suffering a stopover from Virgin, the Goddess of airlines, he has survived the massacre of Ramada Plaza, vanquished the demon of JFK airport and even battled through the Puerto Rican traffic to get here. His karma-absorbing contribution to the project will be duly noted. RFI at 1350, 1387.9 MHz
09/01/2006 RA, JD wapp.20060109.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p2_059, Off we go.
wapp.20060109.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p2_061, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_063, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_065, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_067, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_069, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_071, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p2_073, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p2_075, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p2_077, 
wapp.20060109.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, 0001 empty.
0002: Ages-02 cal, 0003: Ages-02 on, 0004: Ages-02 off.
RFI at 1350, 1387.9.
ON-OFF at beginning of run successful. detected object 23 will attempt further follow up using spare time at beginning of run.
10/01/2006 RA JD wapp.20060110.a2048.0019 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0003 Scan: Ages-03 On, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0004 Scan: Ages-03 Off, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0005 Scan: Ages-05 Cal, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0006 Scan: Ages-05 On, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0007 Scan: Ages-05 Off, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_079, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_081, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_002, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p2_004, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p2_006, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p2_008, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0015 Scan: GAL1156_p2_010, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0016 Scan: GAL1156_p2_012, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0017 Scan: GAL1156_p2_014, 
wapp.20060110.a2048.0018 Scan: GAL1156_p2_016, 
0000, 0001, 0008 empty
RFI at 1350 MHz, 1387.9, and L3 joined us briefly at 1381 MHz.
Certain observations are suffering from a distinct lack of hydrogen!
0019 TOGS CAL done at end of run. ALFA froze during rotation at 24.58 deg. during TOGS script. ALFA commanded manually to 19.0 and TOGS script restarted from line 11. TOGS completed successfully.
11/01/2006 RA JD wapp.20060111.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0004 Scan: Ages-07 Cal, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0005 Scan: Ages-07 On, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0006 Scan: Ages-07 Off, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_018, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_020, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_022, WAPP2 failed at 19:27:37 AST scan aborted
wapp.20060111.a2048.unknown.0000 Scan: GAL1156_p2_024, WAPP2 failure caused wappfile naming scheme to ignore observation ID.
wapp.20060111.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_24, CORRUPT
wapp.20060111.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_26, back on track hopefully.
wapp.20060111.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p2_28, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p2_30, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p2_32, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0015 Scan: GAL1156_p2_34, 
wapp.20060111.a2048.0016 Scan: GAL1156_p2_36, 
0000, 0002, empty
RFI: L3 visible during 0005, 1350 MHz
After WAPP2 fell over it seems to have confused CIMA because it didn't recognise the observation ID, hence resorted to a default naming scheme of:
CIMA righted itself once the next scan began. Has Jon's karma absorption reached saturation?
No time for TOGS at the end of the run.
12/01/2006 RA, JD wapp.20060112.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, WAPP2 fell over at 18:28:57 TOGS CAL aborted. Will attempt
wapp.20060112.a2048.0002 Scan: Ages03-cal, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0003 Scan: Ages03-on, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0004 Scan: Ages03-off, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p2_038, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p2_040, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_042, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_044, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_046, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_048, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_050, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p2_052, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p2_054, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p2_056, 
wapp.20060112.a2048.0016 Scan: TOGS CAL, WAPP2 failed at 21:02:38. overrun time allocation, TOGS CAL aborted.
0000, 0015 empty
RFI: 1350, 1387.9 MHz
TOGS calibration failed at both attempts! WAPPs had been restarted before the calibration.
13/01/2006 RA JD wapp.20060113.a2048.0000 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0003 Scan: Ages-06 CAL, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0004 Scan: Ages-06 ON, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0005 Scan: Ages-06 OFF, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p2_058, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_060, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_062, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_064, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_066, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p2_068, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p2_070, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p2_072, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p2_074, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0015 Scan: GAL1156_p2_076, 
wapp.20060113.a2048.0017 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0001, 0002, 0016, 0018 empty
RFI: 1350, 1387.9, 1332.3 MHz
Barbecued Puerto Rican sausage has claimed its revenge. Jon's mouth tastes like the back end of a Puerto Rican dog (Jon's words not mine - I wouldn't know what Jon's mouth tasted like).
Or am I trying to poison you Jon... MWAHAHAHAAAaa!
14/01/2006 RA wapp.20060114.a2048.0000 Scan: Ages-06-CAL, Only receiving Beam0 power levels in Obs window.
wapp.20060114.a2048.0001 Scan: Ages-06-ON, WAPPs 2,3 & 4 appear to be dead. Will restart after on-off
wapp.20060114.a2048.0002 Scan: Ages-06-OFF, Only 37s of data recorded in ON and OFF?!?!
wapp.20060114.a2048.0003 Scan: TOGS CAL corrupt, WAPPs 2,3,4 recovered, but WAPP2 failed at 18:26:50. WAPPs restarted.
wapp.20060114.a2048.0004 Scan: TOGS CAL, completed successfully
wapp.20060114.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_078, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_080, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p3_001, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p3_003, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_005, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_007, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p3_009, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p3_011, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0015 Scan: GAL1156_p3_013, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0016 Scan: GAL1156_p3_015, 
wapp.20060114.a2048.0018 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0005, 0006, 0017 empty files.
Problems at start of run. Upon restart of WAPPs, only the central beam seemed to start. Not important for doing on-off with central beam, but files have only recorded 37s of data! Conclusion: WAPPs were very confused.
Restart seems to have unblocked them, but TOGS fell over half way through. Completed successfully upon restart of WAPPs.
RFI: 1350, 1332.9, 1387.9
15/01/2006 RA wapp.20060115.a2048.0001 Scan: GAL1156_p2_019, Scan p2_017 missed because ALFA was not uncovered at beginning of run.
wapp.20060115.a2048.0002 Scan: GAL1156_p2_021, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p2_023, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p2_025, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p2_027, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p2_029, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p2_031, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_033, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_035, 
wapp.20060115.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, empty
ALFA was still covered at beginning of run, 1st scan lost. We had 36 mins for follow up too. Eeh eckythump!
19:45:10 Rob just saw his first Puerto Rican snake... my only friend :-(
RFI: 1350, 1387.9
16/01/2006 RA wapp.20060116.a2048.0000 Scan: Ages-08 Cal, Forgot to restart WAPPs before starting.
wapp.20060116.a2048.0001 Scan: Ages-08 On, Beam0 is the only one responding.
wapp.20060116.a2048.0002 Scan: Ages-08 Off, 37s of data collected... again. What a stupid Lionel.
wapp.20060116.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p3_037, WAPPs restarted before run.
wapp.20060116.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p3_039, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p3_041, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p3_043, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p3_045, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p3_047, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p3_049, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_051, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_053, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p3_055, 
wapp.20060116.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0003, 0014 empty
Smooth run again. Couple of hiccoughs at the start.
17/01/2006 RA wapp.20060117.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p3_57, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p3_59, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p3_61, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p3_63, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p3_65, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p3_67, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p3_69, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p3_71, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_73, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_75, 
wapp.20060117.a2048.0014 Scan: TOGS CAL, corrupt WAPP2 fell over at 20:42:50
wapp.20060117.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS CAL, corrupt WAPP2 fell over at 20:46:10
wapp.20060117.a2048.0016 Scan: TOGS CAL, completed successfully
0000, 0002, 0013 empty
RFI at 1350, 1387.9 MHz
18/01/2006 RA wapp.20060118.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p3_077, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p3_079, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p3_081, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p3_002, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p3_004, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p3_006, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p3_008, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p3_010, CORRUPT. WAPP error at beginning of run, after CAL. WAPPs restarted and run continued
wapp.20060118.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_010, Scan terminated at 8:30 to make next start run.
wapp.20060118.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_012, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p3_014, 
wapp.20060118.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, 0002 empty
RFI: 1350, 1380 (L3?) intermittent, 1387.9 WAPP failure at 19:59:44. Restart seems to have fixed it.
19/01/2006 RA wapp.20060119.a2048.0000 Scan: TOGS CAL, Corrupt. Forgot to restart WAPPs.
wapp.20060119.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, Remembered to restart WAPPs.
wapp.20060119.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p3_016, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p3_018, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p3_020, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p3_022, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p3_024, Corrupt. WAPP error after Cal. Scan restarted.
wapp.20060119.a2048.unknown.0000 Scan: GAL1156_p3_024, Forgot to start new fits file after restarting WAPPs. Scan aborted after 9 minutes.
wapp.20060119.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p3_026, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p3_028, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p3_030, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_032, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_034, 
wapp.20060119.a2048.0013 Scan: TOGS CAL, Corrupt. ALFA rotation failure. Motors restarted, WAPPs restarted.
wapp.20060119.a2048.0014 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0002, empty
RFI: 1350, 1387.9 MHz
Couple of faults tonight. WAPP error half way through. ALFA rotation error during TOGS CAL.
20/01/2006 wapp.20060120.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, Corrupt. WAPP 2 failure. WAPPs restarted
wapp.20060120.a2048.0002 Scan: TOGS CAL, successful
wapp.20060120.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p3_36, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p3_38, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p3_40, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p3_42, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p3_44, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p3_46, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_48, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_50, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0013 Scan: GAL1156_p3_52, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0014 Scan: GAL1156_p3_54, 
wapp.20060120.a2048.0016 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, 0003, 0004, 0015 empty
RFI: 1350, 1387.9 MHz
21/01/2006 RA wapp.20060121.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p3_056, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p3_058, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p3_060, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p3_062, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p3_064, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p3_066, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p3_068, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p3_070, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_072, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_074, 
wapp.20060121.a2048.0014 Scan: TOGS CAL, corrupt WAPP2 failure. Are we there yet? No
wapp.20060121.a2048.0015 Scan: TOGS CAL, corrupt WAPP2 failure. Are we there yet? No!
wapp.20060121.a2048.0016 Scan: TOGS CAL, corrupt WAPP2 failure. Are we there yet? NO
wapp.20060121.a2048.0017 Scan: TOGS CAL, corrupt WAPP2 failure. Are we there yet? NO!
wapp.20060121.a2048.0018 Scan: TOGS CAL, Are we.. YES we're there!
0000, 0002, empty
RFI: 1332.2, 1350, 1387.9 MHz
Problems with the WAPPs during the TOGS calibration at the end of the run.
22/01/2006 RA RM wapp.20060122.a2048.0001 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0003 Scan: GAL1156_p3_076, Restarted after WAPP crash.
wapp.20060122.a2048.0004 Scan: GAL1156_p3_078, Scan aborted at 9 minutes. First 30s not on source
wapp.20060122.a2048.0005 Scan: GAL1156_p3_080, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0006 Scan: GAL1156_p1_060, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0007 Scan: GAL1156_p1_062, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0008 Scan: GAL1156_p2_022, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0009 Scan: GAL1156_p2_024, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0010 Scan: GAL1156_p2_017, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0011 Scan: GAL1156_p3_010, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0012 Scan: GAL1156_p3_024, 
wapp.20060122.a2048.0014 Scan: TOGS CAL, 
0000, 0002, 0013 empty
0003, 0004 need to be redone. Rob and Rob forgot to abort the first scan. Those damn cubes are just toooo interesting!
RFI: 1350, 1387.9
02/02/2006 RM wapp.20060202.a2048.0001 Scan: GAL1156_p3_076, HA +26 mins
wapp.20060202.a2048.0002 Scan: GAL1156_p3_078, HA +38 mins
Make-up session to complete scans p3_076 and 078 from GAL1156.
RFI at 1350. Otherwise no problems
And that wraps it up for AGESGAL1156.