Arecibo L-band Feed ArrayArecibo Galaxy Environment Survey (AGES)

AGES A2048 Observations & Results

Last Update:

Date Observer(s) Log file Output Files and Comments Comments
22/12/2006 RFM wapp.20061222.a2048.0001 Scan: AGES3193_p1_101, Got the telescope early, quickly added an extra scan. Need to make up 'alternate' command files for when the operator gets ALFA uncovered quickly and gives us more time! Only getting spectra on beams 0, 2, 4, and 6! TP looks normal on all channels though... Galfa spectra look okay - WAPP problem or quicklook? LiveData shows it on all even-numbered wapps (inc. 8) - abort and restart WAPPS.
wapp.20061222.a2048.0002 Scan: AGES3193_p1_101, Test to see if WAPP restart had the desired effect... - looks good. Abort and start next scan.
wapp.20061222.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES3193_p1_001, 
wapp.20061222.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_003, 
wapp.20061222.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_005, 
wapp.20061222.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_006, 
wapp.20061222.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES3193_p1_007, 
wapp.20061222.a2048.0008 Scan: blank, 
wapp.20061222.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
FAA at 1350 as normal. No other obvious interference.
23/12/2006 RM, WvD wapp.20061223.a2048.0002 Scan: AGES3193_p1_011, 
wapp.20061223.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES3193_p1_013, 
wapp.20061223.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_015, 
wapp.20061223.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_017, 
wapp.20061223.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_019, 
wapp.20061223.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES3193_p1_021, 
wapp.20061223.a2048.0009 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
TOGS had problems at the start. TOGS calibration at end of run - problems running the script. Timed out waiting for ALFA rotation (which seemed to have rotated according to the ALFA beampos window). Ran fine the second time.
24/12/2006 RFM, WvD wapp.20061224.a2048.0001 Scan: AGES3193_p1_023, 
wapp.20061224.a2048.0002 Scan: AGES3193_p1_025, 
wapp.20061224.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES3193_p1_027, 
wapp.20061224.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_029, 
wapp.20061224.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_031, 
wapp.20061224.a2048.0007 Scan: TOGS, 
channel 1B is switched off (and was apparently also off during yesterday's 231206 run), but can still see weak signal on data display.
ALFA rotation playing up! Failed trying to rotate to the last scan (p1_033), which was lost as a result. Seems to stop rotating at angles ~-70 - -80 degrees. In retrospect, it was driving back from here that we had the ALFA rotation problem going to TOGS calibration last night. Hope this is fixed soon!
26/12/2006 RFM,SS,WvD wapp.20061226.a2048.0001 Scan: blank, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0002 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0003 Scan: blank, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_035, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_037, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_039, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES3193_p1_041, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0008 Scan: AGES3193_p1_043, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0009 Scan: blank, 
wapp.20061226.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
ALFA rotation A-OK
27/12/2006 SS,WvD wapp.20061227.a2048.0001 Scan: AGES3193_p1_045, 
wapp.20061227.a2048.0002 Scan: AGES3193_p1_047, 
wapp.20061227.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES3193_p1_049, 
wapp.20061227.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_051, 
wapp.20061227.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_053, 
wapp.20061227.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_055, 
wapp.20061227.a2048.0008 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
AGES haiku I. ALFA rotating Universe slowly drifting HI line searching
28/12/2006 SS,WvD wapp.20061228.a2048.0001 Scan: AGES3193_p1_57, 
wapp.20061228.a2048.0002 Scan: AGES3193_p1_59, 
wapp.20061228.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES3193_p1_61, 
wapp.20061228.a2048.0004  Scan: AGES3193_p1_63, 
wapp.20061228.a2048.0005  Scan: AGES3193_p1_65, 
wapp.20061228.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_67, 
wapp.20061228.a2048.0008 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
AGES haiku II.

Warm winter moonrise
Coquis outside harmonise
Trained monkeys observe
29/12/2006 SS,WvD wapp.20061229.a2048.0002 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20061229.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_69, 
wapp.20061229.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_71, 
wapp.20061229.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_73, 
wapp.20061229.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES3193_p1_75, 
wapp.20061229.a2048.0008 Scan: AGES3193_p1_77, 
wapp.20061229.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
AGEs haiku III.

Seek on this island
Koan you can understand
Then clap with one hand
30/12/2006 SS,WvD wapp.20061230.a2048.0002 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
wapp.20061230.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_79, 
wapp.20061230.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_81, 
wapp.20061230.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_83, 
wapp.20061230.a2048.0007 Scan: AGES3193_p1_85, 
wapp.20061230.a2048.0008 Scan: AGES3193_p1_87, 
wapp.20061230.a2048.0010 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
AGES haiku IV.

End-of-year party
Hot salsa cool Bacardi
B4 mystery
31/12/2006 WvD wapp.20061231.a2048.0001 Scan: AGES3193_p1_089, 
wapp.20061231.a2048.0002 Scan: AGES3193_p1_091, 
wapp.20061231.a2048.0003 Scan: AGES3193_p1_093, 
wapp.20061231.a2048.0004 Scan: AGES3193_p1_095, 
wapp.20061231.a2048.0005 Scan: AGES3193_p1_097, 
wapp.20061231.a2048.0006 Scan: AGES3193_p1_099, 
wapp.20061231.a2048.0008 Scan: TOGS calibration, 
AGES haiku V.

Night watches over
Let others gas discover
Sleep to recover