Arecibo Observatory

Astronomy Proposals awarded a grade of A or B for the Fall 2017 semester (to be scheduled July 1 - December 31)
A2048Completing the Arecibo Galaxy Environment Robert F Minchin -
A2754Surveying the Zone of Avoidance with ALFAPatricia A Henning Robert Minchin
A2757SIGGMA: Survey of Ionized Gas in the Galaxy, Made with AreciboLoren D Anderson Robert Minchin
A2763The Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array HI (GALFA-HI) SurveyMary E Putman Chris Salter
A2766Continued Monitoring of the Spectral Line/Continuum Outburst in NGC 660Christopher J Salter -
A2774SETI Surveys at Arecibo, SETI@home, Astropulse, and SERENDIPDan J Wertheimer Chris Salter
A2854Continued observations with ALFABURSTDuncan R Lorimer Robert Minchin
A3069The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey - Completing the Local VoidRobert F Minchin -
A3119Continuing Measurements of Magnetized Electron Density Fluctuations in Mira Variable Star Coronae and SurroundingsCarl Heiles B.M. Lewis
A3126Investigating the ISM in Galaxies Hosting Supernovae from the ASAS-SN SurveyChristopher J Salter -
A3172Linear polarization of the 21 cm line toward HI fibersSusan ClarkRobert Minchin
A3173The Arecibo Pisces-Perseus Supercluster SurveyMichael JonesKristen Jones
A3176A Study of the Excitation Temperature of the CH 3335 MHz LineLoris MagnaniChris Salter
A3177The interplay between H2, HI, dust and metals: calibrating a recipe to study the environmental impact on gas properties of galaxiesStijn WuytsRobert Minchin
V3192Evolution of High Brightness Temperature AGN Cores with RadioAstronYuri KovalevTapasi Ghosh
V3193Probing Interstellar Scattering Material using Dense RadioAstron Observations of Refractive Substructure in AGNMikhail LisakovTapasi Ghosh
P1693A Continuing Drift-Scan Pulsar Search at 327 MHz (AO327)Julia Deneva Andrew Seymour
P2030Completing the PALFA Galactic Plane Survey to -3 < b < 3 degVictoria Kaspi Andrew Seymour
P2680Gone over the edge - the precessing relativistic pulsar J1906+0746 (continued)Joeri Van Leeuwen Andrew Seymour
P2779Targeted Search of the M33 Nucleus for Pulsars and Transients Fronefield CrawfordAndrew Seymour
P2780The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves Paul B Demorest Andrew Seymour
P2789Timing of pulsars discovered by the PALFA survey Robert D Ferdman Andrew Seymour
P2822Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System Scott M Ransom Andrew Seymour
P2825Timing of Sources Discovered in the Arecibo Observatory 327 MHz Drift Survey Kevin Stovall Andrew Seymour
P2863PSR J1913+1102: a highly asymmetric and relativistic double neutron star binary system Robert D Ferdman Andrew Seymour
P2905Catching the re-activation of PSR J1023+0038 as a radio pulsar Amruta D Jaodand Andrew Seymour
P2910Revisiting the pulsars in M15 Alessandro Ridolfi Andrew Seymour
P2945An Improved Single-Source Detector for the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves Emmanuel Fonseca Andrew Seymour
P3054Understanding the Nature of the Repeating Fast Radio Burst FRB 121102 Laura G Spitler Andrew Seymour
P3132Observing J1745+1017 for NANOGrav Inclusion and Astrophysical Study H. Thankful Cromartie Andrew Seymour
P3134Timing a New Millisecond Pulsar Found in a Low-Latitude Fermi Unidentified SourceJulia Deneva Andrew Seymour
P3169An Arecibo Search for Fast Radio Bursts Associated With Known Superluminous Supernovae and Long Gamma-Ray BurstsJason Hessels Andrew Seymour
P3178A Possible Pulsar: VLA J0636+1838 Timothy Dolch Andrew Seymour
P3181Determining the masses and evolutionary history of the pulsar binary system PSR J1829+2456Robert Ferdman Andrew Seymour
P3182Initial Broadband Timing Observations of the wide-binary PSR J0407+1607 Emmanuel FonsecaAndrew Seymour
P3183Long-term Timing of the Relativistic Binary Pulsar PSR B1534+12 Emmanuel FonsecaAndrew Seymour
P3185Pulse-Sequence Polarimetry of Selected Arecibo Pulsars Joanna RankinAndrew Seymour
S3187Searching for Fast Radio Bursts from Gamma-ray Bursts RemnantsDivya Palaniswamy Andrew Seymour
V3191Monitoring of substructure in scattering disk of pulsar radio emissionCarl Gwinn Tapasi Ghosh
R2958Probing Asteroid Physics, Solar Physics, and Fundamental Physics with Radar Astrometry Jean-Luc Margot Patrick Taylor
R3035Radar Characterization of NEAs: Moderate Resolution Imaging, Astrometry, and a Systematic SurveyAnne Virkki Patrick Taylor
R3037Arecibo Radar Observations of 23 High-Priority Near-Earth Asteroids During CY2017Patrick A Taylor Patrick Taylor
R3143Mini-RF on LRO and Arecibo Observatory Bistatic Radar Observations of the MoonWesley Patterson Patrick Taylor
A3128Remote Measurement of Lunar Heat Flow from Earth-Based Passive Microwave ObservationsMatthew Siegler Robert Minchin/Edgard Rivera-Valentin
R3186Observations of a near-Earth asteroid (6053) 1993 BW3 with Arecibo Planetary RadarAgata Rozek Patrick Taylor