Arecibo Observatory

Astronomy Proposals awarded a grade of A or B for the Spring 2016 semester (to be scheduled January 1 - June 30)
A2754Surveying the Zone of Avoidance with ALFAHenning Patricia A
A2757SIGGMA: Survey of Ionized Gas in the Galaxy, Made with AreciboAnderson Loren D
A2763The Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array HI (GALFA-HI) SurveyPutman Mary E
A2766Continued Monitoring of the Spectral Line/Continuum Outburst in NGC660.Salter Christopher J
A2772Completion of GALFACTS ObservationsTaylor Andrew R
A2774SETI Surveys at Arecibo: SETI@home, Astropulse, and SERENDIPWerthimer Dan
A2804Continued monitoring of the OH jet in IRAS 18455+0448 Lewis Brian M
A2812A Volume-Limited, Complete View of HI in the z=0 Galaxy PopulationKannappan Sheila J
A2854ALFABURST: Commensal searches for FRBs with ALFALorimer Duncan R
A2935A Systematic study on HI properties of nearby galaxies hosting intermediate-mass black holesQian Lei
A2940The gas mass of eleven damped Lyman-alpha systems at z< 0.2Kanekar Nissim
A3017The HI Content of Quenched Isolated GalaxiesBradford Jeremy D
A3018The effect of the group environment on the HI content of nearby galaxiesCatinella Barbara
A3019The Origin of Gas in Virgo's `Red and Dead' Gas-Rich Dwarf EllipticalsHallenbeck Gregory L
A3021Searching for Dark Molecular Gas in the Pegasus-Pisces RegionMagnani Loris
A3023Astrophysical masers: coherent, or simply noise?Ravi Vikram
A3024The Continuing TY Brown Dwarf SurveyRoute Matthew P
A3025Probing Dark Gas and Cloud Chemical Evolution toward Transition CloudsTang Ningyu
A3026Monitoring radio activity of a sample of M-dwarf starsWolszczan Alex
P1693A Continuing Drift-Scan Pulsar Search at 327 MHz (AO327)Deneva Julia
P2030Completing the PALFA Galactic Plane Survey out to | b| < 3 degKaspi Victoria M.
P2680Going over the edge - the precessing relativistic pulsar J1906+0746 (continued)Van Leeuwen Joeri
P2780The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational WavesDemorest Paul B
P2789Timing of pulsars discovered by the PALFA surveyFerdman Robert D
P2822Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple SystemRansom Scott M
P2825Followup Timing of Discoveries from the Arecibo Observatory 327 MHz Drift SurveyStovall Kevin M
P2859Timing Eight Millisecond Pulsars Found in Fermi Unidentified SourcesDeneva Julia
P2863Timing PSR~J1913+1102: A compact, very likely asymmetric double neutron star systemFreire Paulo C
P2905Catching the re-activation of PSR J1023+0038 as a radio pulsarArchibald Anne M
P2910Revisiting the pulsars in M15Ridolfi Alessandro
P2945An Improved Single-Source Detector for the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational WavesFonseca Emmanuel
P2990Long-term Timing of the Relativistic Binary Pulsar PSR B1534+12Fonseca Emmanuel
P2996Spectral Indices of Millisecond PulsarsShaifullah Golam M
P3029Detailed Study of Single Pulse Modulations in PulsarsMaan Yogesh
P3030Towards a new model of interstellar turbulence using pulsar B0834+06Macquart Jean-Pierre
P3031Pulse-Sequence Polarimetry of Selected Arecibo PulsarsRankin Joanna
P3033Continuation of timing observations of the planets pulsar, PSR B1257+12Wolszczan Alex
R2954Arecibo radar ranging measurements of the Galilean satellites in 2016Brozovic Marina
R2957Radar Characterization of NEAs: Using Moderate Resolution Imaging, Astrometry, and a Systematic SurveyHowell Ellen
R3034Radar Observations of 252P/LINEAR: Imaging a comet nucleusHowell Ellen S
R3035Radar Characterization of NEAs: Using Moderate Resolution Imaging, Astrometry, and a Systematic SurveyRichardson James E
R3036Observations of a near-Earth asteroid (85990) 1999 JV6 with Arecibo Planetary RadarRozek Agata B
R3037Arecibo Radar Observations of 18 High-Priority Near-Earth Asteroids from Jan 2016-Jan 2017Taylor Patrick A
S3039Arecibo ALFA Array observations to search for lunar meteoroud-strike EMPsKesaraju Saiveena
V3003Completion of the Space VLBI Survey of AGN at the Highest Angular ResolutionsKovalev Yuri Y