Arecibo Observatory

Astronomy Proposals awarded a grade of A or B for the Fall 2016 semester (to be scheduled July 1 - December 31)
A2048Supplemental Proposal: Completing Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey observations of the NGC 7619 fieldMinchin Robert F
A2754Surveying the Zone of Avoidance with ALFAHenning Patricia A
A2757SIGGMA: Survey of Ionized Gas in the Galaxy, Made with AreciboAnderson Loren D
A2763The Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array HI (GALFA-HI) SurveyPutman Mary E
A2766Continued Monitoring of the Spectral Line/Continuum Outburst in NGC660.Salter Christopher J
A2772Completion of GALFACTS ObservationsTaylor Andrew R
A2774SETI Surveys at Arecibo: SETI@home, Astropulse, and SERENDIPWerthimer Dan
A2804Continued monitoring of the OH jet in IRAS 18455+0448 Lewis Brian M
A2854ALFABURST: Commensal searches for FRBs with ALFALorimer Duncan R
A3060HI Mass distribution as a function of stellar massButcher Zhon G
A3061HI towards Narrow Line Seyfert1 hostsChandola Yogesh
A3062On the trail of monsters: Confirmation of Massive HI Galaxies in the Local UniverseEllison Sara
A3063Continuing Measurements of Magnetized Electron Density Fluctuations in Mira-Variable-Star CoronaeHeiles Carl
A3064The Arecibo Pisces-Perseus Supercluster Survey (APPSS)Jones Michael G
A3065Neutral Hydrogen in Super Spiral GalaxiesLanz Lauranne
A3066Measuring the Turbulent Well: Characterizing the Neutral Hydrogen Content of Shocked Poststarburst GalaxiesLanz Lauranne
A3067LBW Confirmation of ``Dark" Sources in ALFALFA: Understanding the Population of (Almost) Dark GalaxiesLeisman Lukas R
A3068Are there any red OH/IR star mimics?Lewis Brian M
A3069The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey - Completing the Local VoidMinchin Robert F
A3070The Search for Radio-Flaring Late T and Y DwarfsRoute Matthew
A3071Mapping an Intermediate Velocity Cloud in OHSmith Allison J
A3072A pilot survey on OH megamaser in one WISE-AGN sampleZhang JiangShui
P1693A Continuing Drift-Scan Pulsar Search at 327 MHz (AO327)Deneva Julia
P2030Completing the PALFA Galactic Plane Survey out to | b| < 3 degKaspi Victoria M.
P2650Long Term Timing of PSR J0348+0432: A Unique and Powerful Laboratory for Extreme Gravity and super-dense matterFreire Paulo C C
P2780The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational WavesDemorest Paul B
P2789Timing of pulsars discovered by the PALFA surveyFerdman Robert D
P2821A precise measurement of the mass of PSR J1950+2414Freire Paulo C
P2822Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple SystemRansom Scott M
P2825Followup Timing of Discoveries from the Arecibo Observatory 327 MHz Drift SurveyStovall Kevin M
P2859Timing Eight Millisecond Pulsars Found in Fermi Unidentified SourcesDeneva Julia
P2863Timing PSR~J1913+1102: A compact, very likely asymmetric double neutron star systemFreire Paulo C
P2905Catching the re-activation of PSR J1023+0038 as a radio pulsarArchibald Anne M
P2910Revisiting the pulsars in M15Ridolfi Alessandro
P2945An Improved Single-Source Detector for the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational WavesFonseca Emmanuel
P3031Pulse-Sequence Polarimetry of Selected Arecibo PulsarsRankin Joanna
P3033Continuation of timing observations of the planets pulsar, PSR B1257+12Wolszczan Alex
P3073A Search for High-Impact Millisecond Pulsars for the NANOGrav Pulsar Timing ArrayDeCesar Megan E
P3074Long-term Timing of the Relativistic Binary Pulsar PSR B1534+12Fonseca Emmanuel
P3075PSR J2045+3633: A pulsar - massive WD system with an unusaully eccentric orbit.Freire Paulo C
P3076Scintillation Arc Observations of PSR B1737+13Hauke Jung
P3077Characterizing Galactic Scintillations of Fast Radio Bursts using Radio PulsarsLam Michael T
P3078Four pulsar binaries discovered in the PALFA surveyMadsen Erik C
P3079Timing PSR J1411+2551: A New Double Neutron Star SystemMartinez Jose G.
P3080A Pilot ALFA Survey for Fast Radio Bursts from the Virgo ClusterMichilli Daniele
P3081Mass and Radius of a Neutron StarNice David J
P3082Possible Radius-to-Intensity Mapping in Pulsar Magnetospheres.Nowakowski Leszek A
P3083The search for repeating radio flashes from FRB candidates in the PALFA Survey.Patel Chitrang
P3084A search for compact, low-mass planetary systems around solitary millisecond pulsarsSeymour Andrew D
P3085Observations of the Relativistic Binary Pulsar B1913+16 Weisberg Joel M
R3035Radar Characterization of NEAs: Using Moderate Resolution Imaging, Astrometry, and a Systematic SurveyRichardson James E
R3037Arecibo Radar Observations of 18 High-Priority Near-Earth Asteroids from Jan 2016-Jan 2017Taylor Patrick A
V3091Evolution of High Brightness Temperature AGN Cores with RadioAstronKovalev Yuri