Arecibo Observatory

Astronomy Proposals awarded a grade of A or B for the Spring 2015 semester (to be scheduled January 1 - June 30)
A2048Completing the Arecibo Galaxy Environment SurveyMinchin Robert F
A2703Completing xGASS, the low stellar mass GASS extensionCatinella Barbara
A2754Surveying the Zone of Avoidance with ALFAHenning Patricia A
A2757SIGGMA: Survey of Ionized Gas in the Galaxy, Made with AreciboAnderson Loren D
A2763The Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array HI (GALFA-HI) SurveyPutman Mary E
A2766Continued Monitoring of the Spectral Line/Continuum Outburst in NGC660.Salter Christopher J
A2772Completion of GALFACTS ObservationsTaylor Andrew R
A2774SETI Surveys at Arecibo: SETI@home, Astropulse, and SERENDIPWerthimer Dan
A2804To monitor the initiation of a jet in IRAS18455+0448Lewis Brian M
A2812A Volume-Limited, Complete View of HI in the z=0 Galaxy PopulationKannappan Sheila J
A2854ALFABURST: Commensal searches for FRBs with ALFALorimer Duncan R
A2933Hydroxyl Masers in the Prototypical Pre-Planetary Nebula CRL 618Araya Esteban D.
A2934A pilot HI survey of SAMI galaxiesCatinella Barbara
A2935First Systematic study on HI properties of nearby galaxies hosting intermediate-mass black holesDong Xiao-Bo
A2936The HI Properties of Dwarf Galaxies Hosting Massive Black HolesGeha Marla
A2939Cometary OH observations of C/2014 Q2 LovejoyHowell Ellen S
A2940The gas mass of eleven damped Lyman-alpha systems at z< 0.2Kanekar Nissim
A2941What SDSS Misses: A Pilot Program to Find More Low Mass GalaxiesKoopmann Rebecca A
A2943OH Survey along GOT C+ SightlinesTang Ningyu
A2944Continuation of the timing of the periodically flaring ultracool dwarf, TVLM 513-46546Wolszczan Alexander
P1693A Continuing Drift-Scan Pulsar Search at 327 MHz (AO327)Deneva Julia
P2030Continuing the PALFA Galactic Plane SurveyKaspi Victoria M.
P2650Long Term Timing of PSR J0348+0432: A Unique and Powerful Laboratory for Extreme Gravity and super-dense matterFreire Paulo C C
P2680Going over the edge - the precessing relativistic pulsar J1906+0746 (continued)Van Leeuwen Joeri
P2717Millisecond pulsar searches in unidentified Fermi sources at high Galactic latitudesCamilo Fernando
P2780The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational WavesDemorest Paul B
P2789Timing of pulsars discovered by the PALFA surveyFerdman Robert D
P2817PSR J1946+3417: the most massive pulsar ever?Freire Paulo C
P2822Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple SystemRansom Scott M
P2825Followup Timing of Sources Discovered in the Arecibo Observatory 327 MHz Drift SurveyStovall Kevin
P2859Timing Five Millisecond Pulsars Found in Fermi Unidentified SourcesDeneva Julia
P2860Searching for Millisecond Pulsars in Low-Latitude Fermi Unidentified SourcesDeneva Julia
P2866Further Follow-up of Millisecond Pulsars Discovered in the Arecibo 327 MHz Drift Scan SurveyStovall Kevin
P2886Follow-up of the First Fast Radio Burst Discovered with AreciboSpitler Laura G
P2905Catching the re-activation of PSR J1023+0038 as a radio pulsarArchibald Anne M
P2906A Comprehensive Study of Relativistic Gravity using PSR B1534+12Fonseca Emmanuel
P2909Continued timing of a millisecond pulsar in a stellar triple systemRansom Scott M
P2910Revisiting the pulsars in M15Ridolfi Alessandro
P2945An Improved Single-Source Detector for the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational WavesFonseca Emmanuel
V2951Radioastron-Arecibo observations: Study of Local Scattering MaterialSmirnova Tatiana V
P2952Exploring the Ionized ISM by observing two bright nearby pulsars: B0950+08 and B1133+16Stinebring Daniel R
P2953Pulsar Faraday rotation measurements of the galactic magnetic fieldWeisberg Joel M.
R2954Arecibo radar ranging measurements of the Galilean satellitesBrozovic Marina
R2955Lunar Subsurface Radar Mapping at 70-cm WavelengthCampbell Bruce
R2956Arecibo Radar Mapping of Venus During the 2015 ConjunctionCampbell Bruce A
R2957Radar Characterization of NEAs: Using Moderate Resolution Imaging, Astrometry, and a Systematic SurveyHowell Ellen
R2958Probing Asteroid Physics, Solar Physics, and Fundamental Physics with Radar AstrometryMargot Jean-Luc
R2959Observations of a near-Earth asteroid (85990) 1999 JV6 with Arecibo Planetary Radar Rozek Agata
R2960Arecibo Radar Observations of 17 High-Priority Near-Earth Asteroids During CY2015Taylor Patrick A
V2964Ultra-high resolution observations of hydroxyl masers with Space-VLBIAlakoz Alexei V