• 500 years after its discovery it is still uncertain as of what coast did Columbus arrive through. Although the Aguada Coast has been pointed as the official, there are six other coasts that claim the honors. These are: Añasco, Rincon, Mayaguez, Boquerón, Combate and Guayanilla.
  • Every military attack against Puerto Rico has taken place punctually in the decade of the '90s on nearly each successive century: Christopher Columbus (1493), Sir Francis Drake (1595), The Count of Cumberland (1598), Ralph Abercromby (1797), William Sampson (May 1898) and Nelson Miles (July 1898).
  • The Spanish -American War was a brief military action. San Juan, Puerto Rico was bombarded on May 12, 1898, the American Invasion began on July 25, and the war ended on August 12.
  • The shortest Governing Administration that Puerto Rico has had was that of Andres Gonzalez Muñoz who was appointed Governor in the morning of January 11, 1898 and died on the afternoon of that same day.
  • In the American Culture, a cat has 9 lives. In Puerto Rico it has 7. In America, Friday is bad luck day. In Puerto Rico it is Tuesday ( martes... ni te cases ni te embarques ).
  • The municipality of Arecibo has the largest territorial extension (127 square miles) and the smallest is Cataño with only 5 miles of territorial extension.
  • The Tropical Rain-Forrest in Luquillo is one of the rainiest zones in our planet. Approximately 200 inches of rain fall in this area each year.

  • Some Language of the Puerto Rican Street

    Every Language has its street vocabulary and Puerto Rico's is especially rich. Like all, it reflects its geography, native foods, derogatory terms, taboos and cultural parent. So enjoy some of these words you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

     Abombao, to have an offensive odor.  Amogollao, sticky...poorly cooked rice.
     Afrentao, greedy.  Asopao, thick stew made of chicken.
     Aguajero, person who promises but doesn't deliver.  Averiguao, nosey person.

     Bochinche, gossip.  

     Caserio, public concrete housing project.  Chévere, cool, fantastic.

     Emborujo, a mess.  Enfogonao, very angry.
     Embrollao, deeply in debt.  Esmayao, extremely hungry
     Enchulao, blindly in love.  

     Jamona, unmarried woman, a spinster.  Jaleo, severe nausea.

     Limber, a cube of solid flavored ice.  

     Mofongo, a ball made of mashed green plantains.  Monga, a bad flu or cold.

     Pana, special friend, a buddy.  Pon, to hitchhike.
     Pato, male homosexual.  

     Revolú, a big mess.  

     Tocallo, someone with the first name as yours  Tostao, crazy.

     Vacilón, to have a good time.  


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