Arecibo Observatory

Colloquium Series.

Hosted at the AO, the colloquium series invites the most prominent figures in Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Radio Astronomy and Planetary Sciences to present and discuss the latest in their fields. All colloquia will be streamed live. Following the presentations there will be a section of questions and answers so that we can have an open discussion with the community of AO scientists, users and friends. Navigate the colloquia menu and join us to participate in the discussion of some of the most thrilling science topics nowadays.

Recent News

Colloquium   Dr. England visited us Oct 15, 2019
Recently, we had the honor of having Dr. Scott England as our speaker with his talk "EXPLORING THE BOUNDARY BETWEEN EARTH & SPACE WITH ICON" and was broadcasted live. View recording here.

Abstract: The near-Earth space environment is far from empty. Occupying the region where astronauts and low-earth-orbiting spacecraft fly is a the last, most tenuous portion of our atmosphere. Sunlight breaks apart the molecules of gas at these altitudes, creating exotic and corrosive species such as atomic oxygen, as well as charged ions and electrons... Read More

Colloquium   Dr. Deshpande visited us Oct 2, 2019

On Wednesday, Oct 2, Prof. Avinash Deshpande kickoff the AO Colloquium Series with his talk titled "FASCINATING LIFE-STORIES OF COSMIC LIGHT-HOUSES" View Recording Here

Abstract: Pulsars, often described as Cosmic Light-houses, are believed to be strongly magnetized, fast rotating neutron stars, with over 2000 discovered in our Galaxy so far. In the long march towards the elucidation of the mysterious ways of radio pulsars, a few special ones have taught us more than most of the restput together. Read More