The Mission of NAIC

The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center enables research in the areas of astronomy, planetary studies, and space and atmospheric sciences by providing unique capabilities and state-of-the-art instrumentation for data collection and analysis, together with logistical support
to users.

NAIC initiates and supports progress in the above research areas by maintaining a scientific staff whose members develop individual research programs, provide assistance to visiting scientists, and extend available scientific opportunities
by developing and implementing plans for future enhancements to NAIC facilities
and instrumentation.

NAIC strengthens scientific and engineering research potential by supporting activities which provide undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to further their education. NAIC contributes to the general understanding and appreciation of science by initiating and participating in public education and outreach programs.

Use of the Arecibo Observatory (AO) operated by NAIC is available on an equal, competitive basis to all scientists from throughout the world to pursue research in astronomy, planetary studies and, space and atmospheric sciences. Observing time is granted on the basis of the most promising research, as acertained by peer review of proposals by external referees