Angel Ramos Foundation Science and Visitor Center

Arecibo Observatory

Welcome to the Angel Ramos Foundation Science and Visitor Center!  Our newly renovated Center provides innovated exhibitions about science and the work we do at the Arecibo Observatory.  Visit us and explore with us the wonders of the Universe.

Your visit includes:

Self-guided tour in our 3,500 square feet of exhibits, with the help of our attentive tour guides

20 minute movie in our auditorium about us and the type of work done here

Short talk from one of our tour guides

Visit to the observation deck to view, where you can take amazing pictures


If you’re interested in a more detailed tour, the VIP tour is for you.  This tour includes a guided 30 minute tour, beginning at the entrance of our Science and Visitor Center.  The guide will then take you in an official vehicle to the sides of our 1,000 feet (305 meter) reflector where you will receive a detailed talk about the amazing engineering structure, which will be just inches away.  To get here, you will also see the behind the scenes of the Arecibo Observatory passing by our HF building, warehouse, engineering and scientific offices and control room, arriving again to our Center to continue enjoying the scientific experience. 


VIP tour is not always available.  Availability is based on the following:  VIP tours cannot be provided if it rains due to safety issues and it also cannot be provided if there are ongoing observations at the time and the radio telescope is being used.  VIP tour availability will be announced at the entrance.  Up to 7 people per group per 30 minutes is permitted.


Hungry?  We have a food stand at our Observation Deck and sell coffee in our Galaxy Shop.

And, don’t forget to take back gifts for loved ones.  The Galaxy Shop is a great place to shop for souvenirs, t-shirts, books and educational games.