“Our society and our technology have changed a lot since 1974...”

Eng. Francisco Cordova, Director of the NSF-funded Arecibo Observatory

In 1974, the Arecibo Observatory made history by beaming the most powerful radio message into deep space ever made.

Nevertheless, the Arecibo message became forever the vanguard of what we hope will be a growing body of human intelligence transmitted to space for the benefit of others

Scientific Paper: "The Arecibo message of November, 1974"

The Arecibo Message

The original Arecibo message was designed by Dr. Frank Drake, with the help of Dr. Carl Sagan and the Arecibo Observatory (AO) staff (previously named NAIC - National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center), and was sent out on Nov 16th, 1974, characterizing the most powerful (3x1012 W) broadcast ever beamed into the deep space at the time.

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new global challenge

About the NEW Arecibo Message

In 2019, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the iconic Arecibo Message, the Arecibo Observatory (AO) will select updated messages created by inter-generation, diverse and international teams of students. New Arecibo message - the global challenge is an E&PO activity, aiming to engage K-16 students from all over the world in Space related topics, promoting global collaboration and enhancing critical thinking and self-awareness. The challenge seeks for innovative ideas resulting from a global collaborative effort, led by the youth, to define an updated message that would represent the most smart and safe way to say hello to our possible galactic neighbors, promoting the peaceful uses of Space and exploring the cutting-edge technology and scientific knowledge available nowadays.

Latest News

April 22, 2019: The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico marked Earth Day by releasing its second puzzle challenge as part of the New Arecibo Message – Global Challenge. Dozens of teams from around the world have already qualified to move onto the next phase of the challenge.

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Be part of History!

We are seeking innovative ideas resulting from a global collaborative effort of inter-generation, diverse and international teams of students to inspire a new generation of space enthusiasts and define the New Arecibo Message.