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Research Areas
  • Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
  • AGN Feedback
  • AGN Jets
  • Galaxy Clusters
  • Galaxy Groups
  • Star Formation

Sravani Vaddi

Dr. Sravani Vaddi graduated with a Master degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological university, India. She later worked as a software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services, India where she worked on the development, testing and maintenance of Ericsson broadband networks. Her interest in astronomy led her to strive for and pursue doctoral studies in astronomy. She obtained her doctoral degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), uSa where she worked with Dr. Chris Odea and Dr. Stefi Baum on Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). She worked as a post–doctoral fellow at the National Centre for Radio astrophysics and at Inter–university Centre for astronomy and astrophysics.

Her research involves imaging and spectroscopic observational studies of active galactic nuclei (AGN) at multiple wavelengths and addresses different aspects of it such as: evolution of AGN in different environments (isolated, galaxy groups and clusters), effect of energetic feedback from AGN on star formation, and an unifying model of AGN.

Vaddi's projects include high–resolution studies of AGNs that host double nuclei, working on the commissioning of the upgraded VLBI system for Arecibo.

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Peer-reviewed publications


A VLA–GMRT look at 11 powerful FR II quasars , Vaddi, S., Kharb, P.; Daly, R. a.; O Dea, C. P.; Baum, S. a.; Deo, D.K.; Barbusca, T. C.; Murali, Chintak, 2019, MNRaS, 484, 385V.

A Curved 150 pc Long Jet in the Double–peaked Emission–line aGN KISSR 434 , Kharb, P.; Vaddi, S.; Sebastian, B.; Subramanian, S.; Das, M.; Paragi, Z, 2019, APJ, 871, 249K.


Double–peaked Emission Lines Due to a Radio Outflow in KISSR 1219 , Kharb, P.; Subramanian, S.; Vaddi, S.; Das, M.; Paragi, Z, 2017, APJ, 846, 12K.


Constraints on feedback in the local universe: The relation between star formation and AGN activity in typical elliptical galaxies , Vaddi, S., O Dea, Baum, Whitmore, S., ahmed, R.,2016, APJ,818, 182V.

Tracking Galaxy Evolution Through Low–Frequency Radio Continuum Observations using SKa and Citizen–Science Research using Multi–Wavelength Data , Hota, ananda; Konar, C.; Stalin, C. S.; Vaddi, Sravani; Mohanty, Pradeepta K.; Dabhade, Pratik; Dharmik Bhoga, Sai arun; Rajoria, Megha; Sethi, Sagar, 2016, JAPa, 37, 41H.


On the Ionization of Luminous WMAP Sources in the Galaxy: Constraints from He Recombination Line Observations with the GBT , Roshi, a., Plunkett, a., Rosero, V., & Vaddi, S.; 2012, APJ, 749.