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Anna McGilvray

Anna was born and raised in Texas, staying there until she graduated in 2018 from the University of Texas at Austin with bachelor's degrees in astronomy and physics. As an undergraduate she worked with Dr. Kristen McQuinn to study starburst phenomena in nearby dwarf galaxies. Since graduating, she lived for a year in California, where she spent most of her free time hiking in the Sierra Nevadas. She moved to Puerto Rico and started working at the Arecibo Observatory in December of 2019, as a science operations associate with both the Planetary Sciences and the Astronomy departments.

As someone who recently graduated from undergrad, I am interested in learning more about pretty much everything, which has been a boon as my job has me working on many different areas of research!

Anna is partially funded by a four year NASA NEO grant awarded to Arecibo Observatory in 2019.

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