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  • Asteroid
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  • Shape modeling of asteroids

Sean Marshall

Sean Marshall joined the Arecibo staff in November 2017. He grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania and earned his Ph.D. in Astronomy from Cornell University and Bachelor degrees in Physics and Astronomy (Earth and Space Exploration) from Arizona State University.

Dr. Marshall's research includes finding asteroids' shapes and other physical properties using data from radar, lightcurve, and occultation observations. He also applies Bayesian optimization to asteroid modeling and finds asteroids' thermal properties from infrared data.

Sean Marshall's projects include asteroid radar observations (NASA grant to Arecibo), and shape modeling of asteroid 3200 Phaethon using radar, lightcurve, and occultation data. He also is working on applying Bayesian optimization to asteroid pole direction searches and on shape modeling of asteroid 85989 (1999 JD6) using radar and lightcurve data.

Dr. Marshall mentored Riley McGlasson and Daniel Repp while they worked on asteroid shape modeling projects as part of Arecibo's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

Peer-reviewed publications


D. Lewin, C. D.; Howell, E. S.; Vervack, Jr., R. J.; Fernández, Y. R.; Magri, C.; Marshall, S. E.; Crowell, J. L.; and Hinkle, M. L. (2020) Near–infrared Spectral Characterization of Solar–type Stars in the Northern Hemisphere. Astronomical Journal, 160, 3, 130.–3881/aba0c0


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Non Peer-reviewed publications


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