Arecibo Observatory Open House at the 235th AAS meeting

January 7th, 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Astronomy     Arecibo Observatory Open House at the 235th AAS meeting
Arecibo Observatory would like to cordially invite you all for the “Arecibo Observatory Open House'' during the 235th meeting of the American Astronomical Society at Honolulu, Hawaii. The Open House will be on January 7th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Refreshments will be served during the Open House.
Location: Room 307B
Chair: Ramon Lugo (University of Central Florida; UCF)

Time Description Speaker (Institution)
1:30 PM Arecibo Observatory: An Overview F. Cordova (Arecibo Observatory/UCF)
1:40 PM Arecibo Science: Into the Future R. Minchin (USRA/SOFIA, NASA Ames)
2:10 PM Planetary Radar Program at the Arecibo Observatory A. Virkki (Arecibo Observatory/UCF)
2:15 PM Questions/Discussions
2:20 PM The Search for Low-frequency Gravitational Waves by NANOGrav S. Ransom (NRAO, Charlottesville)
2:30 PM International Pulsar Timing Array: Second data release B. Perera (Arecibo Observatory/UCF)
2:35 PM AO327: the most sensitive survey for radio pulsars and transients M. McLaughlin (West Virginia University, Morgantown)
2:45 PM Questions/Discussions
2:50 PM Solar Heliospheric studies with Arecibo telescope P. K. Manoharan (Arecibo Observatory/UCF)
2:55 PM Magnetically aligned neutral hydrogen fibers: an Arecibo discovery S. Clark (IAS, Princeton)
3:05 PM Radio Recombination line studies with Arecibo telescope D. Anish Roshi (Arecibo Observatory/UCF)
3:10 PM Space-VLBI with Arecibo and RadioAstron: Imaging Bright AGN and Pulsars M. Johnson (CfA-Harvard-Smithsonian, Cambridge)
3:20 PM Questions/Discussions
3:25 PM EPO activities at Arecibo Observatory W. Gonzalez (Arecibo Observatory)

AO Media Contact
Ricardo Correa
Arecibo Observatory
Universidad Metropolitana (UMET)
787-878-2612 ext. 615

Contact Person
Dr. Anish Roshi
Arecibo Observatory
University of Central Florida
Astronomy Scientific Team
787-878-2612 ext. 254

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