Colloquium Series

Arecibo Observatory


Hosted at the AO, the colloquium series invites the most prominent figures in Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Radio Astronomy and Planetary Sciences to present and discuss the latest in their fields. All colloquia will be streamed live. Following the presentations there will be a section of questions and answers so that we can have an open discussion with the community of AO scientists, users and friends. Navigate the colloquia content and join us to participate in the discussion of some of the most thrilling science topics nowadays.

The AO Colloquium Committee (AOCC) is formed by

  • Jens Lautenbach (head of the committee) []
  • Ben Perera []
  • Sean Marshall []
  • N. Pinilla-Alonso (AO Deputy Principal Scientist) []

Upcoming Events

11/19/2020 Future Prospects for Planetary Defense: Finding the Nearest Asteroids and Comets

Dr. Amy Mainzer
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona


Thursday, Nov 19, 2020 1:00PM (AST)


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