Arecibo Call for Ionospheric Modification (HF facility)

HF Proposals 2018

Call for HF Proposals 2018

December 8, 2017

Dear Colleagues,
The Arecibo Observatory invites you to submit proposals for the use of the HF facility during 2018. HF experiments at Arecibo are scheduled by demand in periods of 5-7 days around new moon. Proposals should specify the associated diagnostics required: the incoherent scatter radar (ISR), active and passive optical instruments and others. Proposals should be submitted via online at ( Information about observing proposals and policies can be found at (

Technical information about our facilities and instrumentation as well as the contacts for specific support are found at For any further information not addressed in this communication, contact Eliana Nossa (

Best regards,
Dr. Eliana Nossa

P.D. HF deadline: January 26, 2017