Surveys and Data Products

The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey (ALFALFA) — data release

The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey (AGES) — data release

The GALEX Arecibo SDSS Survey (GASS) — data release

The NGC 2903 HI Surveydata release

The ALFA Zone of Avoidance survey (ALFA ZOA) — data release

The ALFA Ultra Deep Survey (AUDS) — Precursor survey results paper

Cornell Digital HI Archive — includes data from ALFALFA, pointed HI observations by the Cornell Extragalactic Group (not just Arecibo data), and the SFI++ peculiar velocity catalog.

The ALFA Pulsar survey (PALFA) — data release (requires registration)

The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav)

The Galactic ALFA HI surveys (GALFA-HI) — data release

The Galactic ALFA Continuum Transit Survey (GALFACTS)

The Survey of Ionized Gas in the Galaxy, Made with Arecibo (SIGGMA)