Agenda of the First ALFA Galactic Consortium Meeting

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
March 21-23, 2003

Friday, March 21

Morning Session

 Welcome to the Observatory: Introduction to ALFA    D. Altschuler

 The Arecibo Antenna and ALFA Performance G. Cortes (via telecon) & P. Goldsmith

 Reality Check: The Arecibo Antenna Beam
   Implications for GALFA Observations   C. Heiles

 Review of ALFA ``Front End'' Specifications A. Deshpande

 Review of ALFA ``IF/LO'' System L. Wray

 Overview of NAIC Spectrometers for GALFA Jeff Hagen

 Some Other Potential GALFA Spectrometers S. Stanimirovic

 Report from the Pulsar Consortium J. Cordes

 Report from the Extragalactic Consortium K. O'Neil

 The RFI Environment at Arecibo P. Perillat

Afternoon Session

 Overview of Large Surveys and Data Access Issues R. Brown

 Stray Radiation and Your HI Observations J. Lockman

 Panel on Commensal Observations

   Introduction L. Staveley-Smith
   Discussion All

 Arecibo HI Survey T. Bania

 Parkes HI Surveys L. Staveley-Smith

 SETI HI Survey at Arecibo E. Korpela

 Canadian Galactic Plane Survey R. Taylor

 The Interclump Medium of Molecular Clouds B.-C. Koo & Y. Fukui

 Narrow HI Self-Absorption Studies with ALFA P. Goldsmith & D. Li

 Halo HI Clouds J. Lockman

 Resolving the Kinematic Distance Ambiguity using
     HI Self-Absorption T. Bania

 Observing Cold, Thin Clouds with ALFA P. Demorest

 ALFA Projects Discussion All

Saturday, March 22

Morning Session

Faint Emission at Forbidden Velocities:
New Galactic SNRs?                 B.-C. Koo

Theoretical and Non-HI Aspects

 Theoretical Perspective      A. Lazarian

 Discussion of Relationship between ALFA and Theory    All

 Continuum Surveys C. Salter

 Recombination Line Surveys   M. Lebron & Y. Terzian

 HVCs and ALFA: The HALFA Survey M. Putman

 Observations of Compact High Velocity Clouds J. Kerp (presented by C. Bruens)

 Arecibo Survey of the Magellanic Stream:
 Past and Future         S. Stanimirovic

 Parkes Survey of the Magellanic Stream       C. Bruens

Afternoon Session

 Different Ways to Look at HI               G. Joncas

 General Discussion of non-HI and HI surveys  All

 Commensal SETI Observations with ALFA         D. Werthimer

 Single Dish Clean Techniques        P. Kalberla

 GALFA Data Storage Plans     A. Venkataraman

 GALFA Organizational Session

Formation of Working Groups

Selection of Consortium Chair

Development of Response/Request to NAIC

GALFA and commensal observing

Instrumentation and Funding Issues


Policy Issues
Data Processing


GALFA Publicity

Other Topics

Sunday, March 23

Morning Session

 Working Groups Meet