First GALFA H I Map

[first image by the ALFA Galactic H I survey]

Here is the first image made with ALFA and GALSPECT, the GALFA H I Spectrometer! The data were taken in late October - early November of 2004. The area mapped is almost 30 x 5 square degrees and was obtained with just 8 scans of ~1.0-1.5 hours each, or ~ 12 hours of total observing time.

The image is centered on the Anti-Center shell region (Hartmann & Burton 1997), at the LSR velocity of +22 km/sec. The intensity range shown in the image is 0 to 80 K, with a logarithmic transfer function to emphasize faint features. The quality of this image demonstrates the superb power of ALFA for mapping Galactic H I structure.

Image courtesy: Goldston, Heiles, Krco, Tang, Stanimirovic, Goldsmith.