GALFA - H I  Projects

The table below summarizes approved GALFA H I projects. Some project names link to project web sites. All scheduled project IDs link to the relevant proposal abstract in the telescope schedule database, which also lists scheduled observations for each project. If these exceed the requested observing time, a project is deemed completed; otherwise, it is either in progress or not yet scheduled, depending on whether observations have begun. If any of this information is out of date, please contact me.

Projects that are commensal with another, non-GALSPECT project have the other project listed in parentheses. The project that is the ``commensal partner'', i.e., that which piggybacks off the ``primary'' project, is indicated with a ``c'' after the AO project ID.

This table was adapted from Snezana's old status page in April 2006.

ID #Project DescriptionPI or Co-PIsDeg.2Hrs.Obs. Status
a1943GALFA Precursor ObservationsGoldsmith10096.0completed
a2004Taurus Molecular CloudGoldsmith30028.0completed
a2011High Latitude CloudsGoldston45050.0completed
a2032Tip of the Magellanic StreamStanimirovic6033.0completed
a2034Galactic Halo CloudsMuller2016.0completed
a2050Turbulence at High LatitudesGoldston50072.0completed
a2055Galactic Wings (ZOA a2053c)Koo6033.0completed
a2056Modified BW scanning (ZOA a2051c)Korpela4064.0completed
a2059cTOGS1-wide (ALFALFA a2010)Putman7,0004,130.0in progress[1]
a2059cTOGS1-deep (AGES a2048; obs log)Putman1802,000.0in progress[2]
a2060Specific Disk/Halo InterfacesPutman??350.0in progress[3]
a2124cTOGS2 (GALFACTS a2130)Heiles + Stanimirovic12,7341,512.0not yet scheduled[4]
a2147Gem OB1 Star-Forming RegionBieging9013.5completed
a2153Faint HI 21-cm Emission Line Wings at Forbidden VelocitiesKang + Koo6024.0completed
a2172Mapping HI in a Spectacular ShellHeiles160125.6completed
a2174Perseus Cloud ComplexKnee19337.5completed
a2186I-GALFA plane survey (ZOA a2144c + GALFACTS a2390c)Koo + Gibson1,078326.2in progress[5]
a2187Mapping H I in a Spectacular True FilamentGoldston??24.0completed
a2220Interfaces in the ISM: Mapping a Cold Cloud Boundary With GALFAHeiles??42.5completed
a2221I Halo Clouds in the Outskirts of the Milky WayDedes??14.0completed
a2222The Anti-Center WaterfallGoldston??82.5completed
a2294Repeat Observations of Portions of A2174Taylor + SalterN/A11.0completed

[1]As of 2008 Mar 17, a2010/a2059c had observed a total of 2329.25 out of 4130 hours, or 56.4%.
[2]As of 2007 Feb 17, a2048/a2059c had observed a total of 322.75 out of 2000 hours, or 16.1%.
[3]As of 2008 Mar 17, a2060 had observed a total of 273.5 out of 350 hours, or 78.1%.
[4]a2130/a2124c is anticipated to begin as soon as necessary instrumentation is in place.
[5]a2186/a2144c/a2390c is scheduled to begin 2008 May 3.