GALFA Spectrometer System Pictures

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Spectrometer Board

Spectrometer board from the first (test) run Spectrometer board from the second (production) run; assembled with cPCI mounting hardware and FPGA heatsink
Another view of second-run board, assembled with cPCI faceplate  

Quadrature Downconverter

Quadrature downconverter board Inside of downconverter enclosure
Downconverter enclosure front panel  


Downconverter test setup Full GALFA system test (simulating 2 beams input)
A full 7-spectrometer test  

Installation at Arecibo Observatory

Top of multi-beam receiver at Arecibo feeding GALFA spectrometer Bottom of multi-beam receiver feeding GALFA spectrometer
Downconverter and LO distributor installed at Arecibo Spectrometer boards in cPCI rack installed and operational at Arecibo
Full GALFA system installed and operational at Arecibo