Downconverter Rackmount Enclosure

The quadrature downconverter is enclosed in a Bud Industries NHC-14156 rackmount chassis which houses the AC input, a 5V DC power supply, the 16 downconverter boards, and the DAC gain controller board.

Chassis Panel Drawings

Fabrication Information

CAD Drawings

Note: DWG and DXF files are formatted for AutoCAD 2000 or better.
FPD files require Front Panel Designer 3.2 or better.

The current downconverter enclosure in service at Arecibo has a front panel manufactured by Front Panels Express. The provided FPD file is compatible with their custom Front Panel Designer software.

Due to the thin aluminum material used on the back panels of Bud NHC-14156, the back panel of the enclosure was punched out by hand. Therefore, no corresponding FPD file is available.