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Minutes of the talk on the:
      GOLDMiNe: On-Line Virgo Cluster HI and Optical Database

Peppo Gavazzi (U. Milano)

A more detailed version of this talk by the speaker is available in HTML, PDF or PPT format.

The idea of an ALFA Virgo Survey is very excited. We should go for full coverage of the Virgo cluster, that is 800 square degrees.

In a few years then, we could have detections or 1 mJy limits on 2000 VCC galaxies. Such a survey offers the potential to derive lots of TF distances and would search for intergalactic HI clouds. To interpret and understand the results of such a survey will require a lot of complimentary data.


In Milano, we have developed the Galaxy On Line Database Milano Network or GOLDMiNe.
Our web site is
This site provides on line selection of multiwavelength data for galaxies in both the Virgo cluster and the Coma supercluster.

Lots of data at many wavelengths on Virgo galaxies already exist. These can give details of the spectral energy distribution. For example, the SED for VCC 1554 is already available, from the UV all the way to the radio continuum. To understand all aspects, you need multiwavelength observations. For example, e.g. extinction corrections can be derived if we assume the absorbed energy is equal to the reradiated energy.

Such multiwavelength data can be combined to address questions about the galaxies and their histories. For example, in Gavazzi et al 2002, we look at the H-band luminosity log LH versus the stellar birthrate parameter.

We can also examine the HI normal galaxies and then add the HI deficient galaxies. These typically have lower birthrates which you can clearly see if you plot residuals: the highly deficient galaxies form no stars.

On-going Virgo followup

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