E-ALFA Memos and Documents

Date Title Author
2006 Feb 28 Calibration of ALFA data in LiveData Minchin
2006 Jan 19 Driftscan Mapping of the ALFA Beams Hoffman, Irwin, Spekkens, Haynes, Giovanelli
2004 Dec 9 Inter-scan Overheads for Sequences of Drifts with ALFA Haynes, et al
2004 Dec 9 The ALFA Ultra Deep Survey (AUDS) Freudling et al
2004 Dec 6 On the Rotation and Sidelobes of ALFA Giovanelli, Haynes, Putman, Catinella
2004 Dec 6 The ALFA Fixed Azimuth Drift Observing Mode Haynes, Giovanelli, and A1946 & A1963 Teams
2004 Nov 17 Parallactic angle and optimum ALFA rotation for drift scanning Minchin
2004 Jul 4 E-ALFA backend requirements E-ALFA Consortium
2004 May 28 AGES precursor Davies et al
2004 May HI Environment of NGC 2903 Judith Irwin
2004 Feb 13 Initial HI Survey Observations with ALFA in Drift Mode Giovanelli et al
2004 Feb 13 First spectral line detections with the 4 WAPPs Ghosh, O'Neil, Salter
2004 Jan 20 E-ALFA test run with the WAPPs Giovanelli, Haynes, & Kent
2003 Jul 10 E-ALFA White Paper E-ALFA Consortium

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