Each summer, Arecibo Observatory hosts at least six students and one Puerto Rican teacher for 10 weeks. The students work with staff scientists on projects related to ongoing research or instrumentation development programs. Research may be conducted in atmospheric science, radio astronomy, or planetary radar astronomy. The students are exposed to the interdisciplinary character of this unique research facility through lectures by the staff and visiting scientists, tours of the Observatory facilities, hands-on labs, and frequent informal discussions with graduate students and scientists. A seminar series provides the students with a background in the major areas of research conducted at the Observatory and introduces them to the exciting science currently being done here. Students usually have the opportunity to conduct their own independent group observing experiment with the telescope. A bonus of our program is the opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and its culture.

Summer Research Assistantships/Arecibo Observatory
National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center
504 Space Sciences Building
Ithaca, NY 14853 6801

NAIC will be conducting a summer student program for undergraduates at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, funded by the National Science Foundation. Areas of research include radar and radio astronomy and atmospheric science. Students interested in electronic instrumentation or computer science are also encouraged to apply. The assistantships, which include a stipend and travel costs to and from Puerto Rico, are for a flexible ten-week period beginning in June. Undergraduates, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who will be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program (part- or full-time) during Fall 2006, are eligible. In addition, NAIC anticipates supporting one or two positions for a first- or second-year graduate students who are enrolled in US institutions (non-citizens may apply). Application forms are available by writing to the address above, by email to jtm14@cornell.edu, or at www.naic.edu. Application receipt deadline is February 6, 2006. EOE/AAE

For many years NAIC has been committed to the encouragement of students interested in science and is proud of the extremely successful results. Since 1972, over 300 students have participated in the Arecibo Observatory summer student program. Most of these have since completed a Ph. D. program and are now active scientists in their chosen fields. Several have returned as staff scientists at the Observatory. Others have chosen to pursue careers in teaching or in government, where they are sharing their enthusiasm for science with others.

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For applications contact Jill Tarbell at: jtm14@cornell.edu - (607-255-3735)


Download the application and recommendation form in Acrobat .PDF format. or in MS Word.

Applications can also be obtained by snail mail from:

National Astronomy and Ionospheric Center

504 Space Sciences Building

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853-6801


Applications, transcripts, and references must be received not later than February 6, 2006. Successful candidates will be notified by March 1 or shortly thereafter..

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